11 Halloween Makeup Looks To Get Practising ASAP

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By now you assumed that you’d have your Halloween outfit organised to a tee – the costume, the accessories, the hair and at least one practise run of your extravagant makeup look completed. 

Has this been the case?

Of course, not. 

Suddenly it’s 24th October, Halloween festivities start in a matter of days and you’re running around like headless chicken, buying bunny ears and catsuits in an attempt to pull together some sort of costume. 

Call off the costume search party, we’ve got a better idea – commit the same amount of effort to your makeup for a Halloween look that will have double the impact of a half-hearted costume attempt.

Instagram is known for celebrating extremities in the beauty world and at no other time is the Insagram beauty community more in its prime than when it comes to Halloween makeup. These Halloween makeup ideas are truly works of art. 

Read on for Instagram’s most OTT Halloween makeup ideas to get practising ASAP.

The Feline Friend

Instagram / @andreyhaseraphin

Bowie Impersonator


Zombie Life

Instagram / @ardellbeauty

The Devil

Instagram / @lisapotterdixon

Pumpkin Pie

Instagram / @rachelprever_

Dead (wo)Man Walking

Instagram / @makeupprostore

Fortune Teller

Instagram / @makeupbyalinna

The Halloween Doll

Instagram / @makeupmouse

Clowning Around

Instagram / @thetrashmask


Instagram / @lora_arellano

The Green Eyed Monster

Instagram / @halloween_makeup_top
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