Runway-Inspired Hair Accessories That Will Update Your Look In Seconds

These days it seems that more and more frequently we’re referencing our childhood and/or awkward teenage phases when it comes to trends and beauty is no exception. One trend particularly nostalgic of our childhood fashion choices is the revival of the hair accessory. While I can’t argue on behalf of everyone else, there’s one particular hair accessory faux pas that sticks out in my mind – the floral clip. Not floral pattern – actual fake flower attached to bobby pin and clipped right at the hairline. As if to make matters worse, most of the time the famous floral hair clip was a DIY job. It wasn’t cool then but apparently it’s cool now – maybe I was on to something, a trend setter in the making, no?

The hair accessory trend is something we can all get on board with this season and you can forget the dry shampoo. Having a bad hair day? Sparkly clip. Forgot to brush your hair this morning? Throw on a headband and embrace the volume. The best thing about the hair accessory trend is how quickly it can elevate an otherwise uninspiring outfit so when you’re feeling a little ‘meh’ with your outfit choice, let the hair accessories do the talking.

Get ready to break out of your hair rut and give your look a new lease of life with the fashion week approved hair accessories for AW18.

Add a little sparkle

Sam McKnight drew upon the monogrammed theme for hair looks at Max Mara where models were seen sporting an effortless half up-do fastened with a crystal ‘M’ hair clip – the cooler, older sister to the DIY floral clips of our past.

The hair stylist took to Instagram to explain his inspiration for the look, “After I turned the hair into an explosion of feather-like dreads, I spotted a pile of glittering brooches on @Ian Mackey_griffiths1 desk and swiftly gathered the hair together and pinned the M in place. A perfect finish to what was an early eighties London-influenced collection. Thank you dear Judy, your influence will be felt forever.”

By Judy he means Judy Blame who he referenced as the muse behind the hair clips.

More recently, McKnight called upon similar techniques for Chanel where he fastened model’s hair, both full braided looks along with beach inspired hair looks with ribbons and the iconic double C hair clip, building upon last season’s embellished top knot version when the Chanel hair clip quickly shot to the top as fashion week’s most sought after accessory.

When in doubt, add embellishment.

Photo Credit: @sammcknight1

Return of the hair clip

You know the stand in your local chemist filled with things like tortoiseshell combs, your basic barrette clip, bobby pins, the things you assumed were mostly reserved for the bottom of your granny’s handbag? It’s time to stock up for AW18.

Barette hair clips have been sneaking their way back to catwalks for a few seasons now but it was the moment Gucci adopted the hair trend that we all sat up and really listened. Above all else, this season is all about the integration of claw, butterfly and comb variety of hair clips.

While Prabal Gurung brought back the classic zig-zag hairband meets comb combo, new talent Faustine went above and beyond with embellished slides, tortoiseshell clasps and butterfly clips and clearly overwhelmed by the subtle power of a hair clip, took to placing them all on models hair at the one time.

Photo Credit: @group88_official


Scrunchies have been lurking for a while now and with the 80s trend seemingly sticking around a little longer, it doesn’t seem they’re set to leave the hair scene anytime soon. Brands are taking note of the scrunch revival with Invisibobble (the revolutionary company changing how we all tie our hair up) launching their first scrunch range or “Sprunchie” as the brand have renamed it. The “Sprunchie” takes their original product of the stretchy hair ring and upgraded it with the addition of colourful scrunchie-style material (usually a thick velvet but also available in silky finishes) incorporating on-trend looks for the season such as animal print.

Photo Credit: @invisibobble
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