10 Tips For Surviving The Party Season

It’s that time of year when the rhetorical ‘fk it, it’s Christmas’ seems to be the answer to most questions.

But it is possible to have a great time this festive season without 1) depriving yourself, 2) ending up the size of a house or 3) pickling your liver in Prosecco.

Emily Wysock- Wright, founder of wellness site, Adira, shares the following survival guide to help keep you in check this Xmas.

1. Don’t try to restrict yourself over the festive period. Set healthy boundaries with yourself instead. This is more realistic and much more achievable. This will give you the freedom to enjoy yourself without the feelings of deprivation or the pressure to rebel!

2. Normal routine tends to go out of the window over Christmas. However, make sure you don’t forget about yourself and still take the time to plan what you would like to eat. That way, you will still have the right, conscious food choices in the house and it will be much easier for you to succeed on keeping healthy this Christmas – this is easy by giving a few minutes thought and preparation. Give yourself a fighting chance of feeling your very best, energetic self!

3. Make the effort to continue with your exercise programme. If your usual classes aren’t running, choose other options instead such as brisk walks with friends and family. Keeping the energy moving throughout your body is blissful and can help reduce any external stresses Christmas can bring.

4. Don’t go to a party hungry. If you do, you will be fighting your body’s urges for sugar…Ensure you have a healthy snack before you go. This will put you back in control.

5. Watch your portion sizes – particularly fast release carbs and fats.

6. Don’t be ashamed to plan and take a healthy dish with you to parties.

7. Make good alcohol choices. Avoid creamy or sweet drinks. Try to drink with food as this will reduce the impact of the sugars on your blood stream. Also try to avoid drinking too much alcohol as it increases the chance for feuds and also reduces energy levels and motivation to partake in fun Christmasy activities the next day.

8. Drink plenty of water. This will encourage you not to over eat and will also improve how you feel the next day.

9. Be gentle with yourself. If you do happen to overindulge, enjoy whatever you are indulging in and get back on track afterwards.

10. Have fun and a very Merry Christmas!

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