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A major trend for 2019 so far has been biophilia – an interpretation of the belief that humans possess an inane tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. 

In the world of interior design this has manifested itself as a means of emphasising the relationship between humans and nature and seeking to strengthen the bond between the two – think back to basics with natural, organic materials and plenty of foliage. So say hello to rattan, raffia, stone and wood.

Commenting on the trend Angie Lee of FXCollaborative explained: “Biophilia is a design driver that engages the end user by connecting them to primal instincts about the relationship between humans and nature. When done properly, we are calmed by the sight of greenery in the form of live plants and living walls, the sight, and sound of water, access to views of natural settings, and tactile organic materials such as wood and stone.”

She added: “Designing authentic biophilic settings that don’t trip our intuitive sensors with false substitutes is important especially in today’s technology-fuelled world, where we increasingly crave a connection back to human-centric and natural elements.”

Matthew Williamson@Debenhams

Believed to reduce stress, boost creativity and aid overall wellbeing biophilia is an easy to incorporate trend that can be introduced into the home with minimal effort.

This season should be all about bringing the indoors out but the unpredictability of our weather means that is not always possible. Flip reverse it and bring a little of the great outdoors into your home (while getting your biophilia on) with plenty of potted plants, wooden elements and as much natural light as possible.

Take to the tropics with leaf patterns and palm prints for a botanical inspired look that will keep will keep your home feeling fresh and cheerful – whatever the weather.

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