12 Outfit Ideas To Cope With The Sudden Sunshine

Let’s get one thing clear, we’re by no means complaining about the joyous sunshine spell we’re experiencing this week. We just like to be prepared which means when we woke up to talk of 18 degrees heat on Monday morning, for most of us (maybe just me) there was a lot of rifling through the wardrobe, frantically trying on summer dresses and trying to remember what it’s actually like to dress for a warmer climate.

Despite dreaming of the new season sunshine pretty much year round, when the wardrobe switcheroo becomes a reality, it takes a little adjusting. You’ve got to cover your bases for the colder mornings with a jacket that keeps the chills at bay but won’t be too heavy by the time temperatures break at noon. You’ve got to keep things sensible and office wear appropriate unless your company allows for more casual workwear. You’ve also got to suss out how your office building itself copes with the heat. There will be the inevitable argument over how long the AC should be on, a lot of grumbling when you come to realise your building actually doesn’t have AC and probably, a mad scurry to the office store to salvage the last of the old, almost broken desk fans.

However, all things considered, summer still remains one of my favourite times of year to get dressed, particularly when you get that very first taste of sunshine and all of those outfits you’ve been planning but saving for summer’s day can have their first outing of the season. There’s less layering involved and if you’re really stuck you can throw on a pretty dress and a pair of sandals and everyone thinks you put in plenty of effort.

We’re ready to switch out those closed toed shoes, banish the boots and welcome fifty shades of beige into our summer wardrobes.

Ready to do the same? Check out these outfit ideas to unleash your best summer self.


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