14 Tips To A Successful Date

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and Love Island all over our TV screens and social media it seems (ahem) ‘love’ is everywhere at the minute. While we at The Style Edit are big believers in doing your own thing in your own time it’s fair to say we all probably know at least one person who is actively looking for love – or at least progression behind the first date. So is there a winning formula when it comes to love and relationships? Dating guru Jennifer Haskins believes so.

Founder of matchmaking service Two’s Company, dating expert Jennifer has one goal: to help Irish men and women take control of their desire for love and companionship with the same tenacity they’ve long applied to their professional endeavours. 

Career goals, she has noticed among her clients, are clearly defined, pursued and achieved with conviction, while it seems matters of the heart are more often left to ‘chance’, the romantic encounter we hope, someday, to stumble upon. Unfortunately, the reality is that we’re far busier today than ever before. We’ve got more commitments, more demands on our time, more conflicting schedules with which to contend, such that these opportunities for a good old-fashioned movie meet-cute are rendered nothing more than a nice idea. We don’t meet people organically in the way we once did. As a result, time moves on and though our careers may be firing on all cylinders, our love life’s gone off the boil. It needn’t be as hopeless as it sounds, however. Why don’t we pursue our romantic desires with the same, unapologetic determination that we do our professional lives?

That’s precisely where Two’s Company – a private dating and match-making agency catering for unattached singles aged 28-78 – comes in. Founded in 2008 and inspired directly by Haskin’s own dating dilemmas, she’s fully cognisant of the issues faced by those looking for love, from the pressures of work to the desire for discretion and confidentiality that the current swathe of dating apps fail to deliver on.

Sure, the swipe-to-match apps fulfil the young millennial’s quest for fun; this generation has plenty of time on their hands. But they neglect to cater, for example, to the 40-something entrepreneur, with little extracurricular time to dedicate not just to hours of searching for a potential love interest on the app itself, but to a series of inevitable dating blunders that would follow, before landing the elusive life-long partner they so deserve, if at all. Or the 50-something male divorcee, with two beautiful children of his own, who hopes for an air of privacy as he embarks on the challenge of meeting his new match. Or the 60-something widow who’s considering opening herself up to the possibility of love again. Jennifer Haskins cuts through the perils of contemporary dating, applying years of skill and intuition to the accurate evaluation of the needs of each individual with whom she works. She prides herself on the confidentiality and discretion of her service – music to the ears of the often reticent male client – along with one-to-one personalised coaching that helps her clients, most of whom are busy professionals and entrepreneurs, to navigate those initial first encounters, thus ensuring a stress free, enjoyable experience.

Regardless of age though Jennifer believes there’s a lot that both men and women can do to increase their chances of success on a first date. Though if she had one fundamental piece of advice to give what would it be?

“If there’s no chemistry on the first date, there will be no chemistry later on. If the attraction is not there then things don’t progress. If there is chemistry, you might be onto a winner.”

14 Key Tips To A Successful Date:

  • Don’t blow it by drinking too much or talking too much.
  • Pay attention to your date – this is the best compliment you can give them.
  • Don’t underdress or overdress; smart casual is best.
  • Don’t try to get too close or intimate on the first date.
  • Don’t keep looking at your phone or answering texts.
  • Don’t go into it expecting for your date to pay – this can be a real turn off.
  • Don’t talk negatively about or get emotional about past relationships.
  • Don’t text too much before the first date, but don’t leave it too long between calls/texts after the first date. Be sure to keep the momentum going.
  • Women – don’t run after a man, men prefer to do the chasing. But don’t appear too aloof or they may give up trying to win you over.
  • Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, it is an attractive trait.
  • Personally I think people would have far better success if they were more relaxed about the whole thing. Generally, people take themselves far too seriously, so be mindful of this. If you’re at ease you’ll put your date at ease and you’ll both have a better time.
  • Don’t talk incessantly about your children (if you have them).
  • Don’t pour your entire life out on the first date.
  • Keep the conversation upbeat and positive.

“If there’s no chemistry on the first date, there will be no chemistry later on. If the attraction is not there then things don’t progress. If there is chemistry, you might be onto a winner.”

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