15 Christmas Eve Traditions To Try This Year

Ah, the day has (almost) come at last. 

You’ve switched on your out of office, clocked out for the last time in 2018 and everywhere you go, Christmas songs follow.

As a kid, the excitement on Christmas Eve felt truly unbearable. There was a lot of anxious waiting around watching the clock, longing for it to be tomorrow when Christmas Day would finally be upon us. 

As an adult, I’d like to say it’s different but honestly, it’s not. There’s still that air of restless anticipation and a desperation to find ways to pass the time before the Big Day hits.

In a bid to distract from all of the excitement and help pass the time, we’ve put together a list of Christmas Eve traditions to introduce into your festivities this year with friends, family or with the kids. 

With friends

Get the gift excitement going and organise your Secret Santa gift exchange for Christmas Eve.

Cook up some mulled wine and gather up your gal pals for a Christmas movie marathon.

Embark on the wild adventure of the 12 pubs of Christmas pub crawl.

Host an ugly Christmas jumper party (or keep things fashionably festive with this shopping guide)

Remember those who don’t have much this Christmas and spend Christmas Eve paying it forward.

With family

Host a family drinks party to get everyone warmed up for the big day. 

Go out for dinner with your immediate family and enjoy time catching up with one another before Christmas madness really kicks off.

Drive around your neighbourhood and check out all of the lights.

Enjoy a feast of finger food. Everyone knows the best snacks come out for the festive period.

Play board games while avoiding a family fall out.

With kids

Make a special Christmas Eve box filled with small gifts for little ones to enjoy the day before Santa’s arrival.

Buy the whole family matching pyjamas to wear on Christmas morning.

Set up a baking station and embark on the family fun of building a ginger bread house.

Before bedtime, spend some time making the most luxurious hot chocolate with all of the trimmings ahead of cosying up with Christmas stories to (hopefully) lull them to sleep.

Mix some oats and glitter together and sprinkle outside the house so that Santa’s reindeer can enjoy a little snack while they work.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, image.ie and Emirates Woman.

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