Health And Wellness Predictions For 2018

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Nutritional Therapist Lauren Healy, offers her predictions for the year ahead…

Who ever would have thought health and wellness would have become such a trend?

New health and wellness trends don’t even seem to be a yearly event now – more of a weekly event, with every nutrition guru going telling us what the newest, hottest supplement is that we just can’t live without.

I’m going to share with you some of the biggest health and wellness trends that you’ll be seeing a lot of next year and if there is anything to be said for them from a nutrition point of view.

First up are insect based products. I attended Food Matters Live in London earlier this year and I was very surprised to see a number of different insect based products.

Cricke (cricket flour crackers) and Eat Grub (insects, protein powder & bars) are just a couple of companies that are aiming to bring insects to the mainstream meal times. According to the Eat Grub website, over 2 billion people around the world eat insects every day so it’s a wonder they haven’t passed our dinner plates so far.

Most insect products claim to be high in protein but for the most part, as there is so little of the actual insects used in the products, this is pretty negligible in terms of added protein content. However, I did taste a couple of the products and they were surprisingly tasty. Watch out for added sugar though, some of the products can have quite high levels.

If we weren’t already probiotic mad, 2018 is going to reach fever pitch for probiotics but also prebiotics. For those of you who don’t know, prebiotics are what feed the good bacteria that you already have inside of you and examples include foods like onions, garlic, chicory root and Jerusalem artichokes.

We are going to see a continuation of products in the mainstream that will focus on repopulating and supporting good gut health. Supporting gut health is key in supporting immune function, so in my opinion it can’t be a bad thing but for the most part, stick to the basics like onions, garlic and fibre rich vegetables that can easily be incorporated into your diet on a daily basis.

Reformulation – so not strictly a trend but something to most definitely be aware of. With a continuing focus and increasing regulation on added sugar, we should be aware that all of the major food and drinks companies are looking at reformulating recipes on an ongoing basis to comply with laws and regulations.

So if you’ve been buying certain packaged foods for quite some time I’d advise you to take a look at the list of ingredients periodically. Food labelling may unfortunately get more confusing for us all in the short term.

Non-alcoholic drinks are getting a makeover. Let’s face it, Schloer isn’t exactly sexy. More of us are looking for non-alcoholic alternatives. The number of British adults who consume alcohol is at its lowest since 2005 and the trend is set to continue. More and more creative tasty alcohol alternatives are set to break on to the scene and will be a welcome addition to any bar shelf… think pretty sparkling waters like LaCroix and non-alcoholic gins such as Seedlip.

Collagen is going to be everywhere. We’ve seen a fair share of collagen-based products since bone broth broke onto the scene and promised us all shiny hair, strong beautiful nails and flawless skin and it’s due to continue its reign. Collagen is made up of 19 different amino acids (protein) so expect to see it as a key ingredient of super powders, protein powders and healthy bars alike next year.

Last but not least: mushrooms. 2018 could be the year of the mushroom. Mushroom varieties like Chaga, Reshi and Cordyceps are known for their immune boosting and antioxidant properties and we’ll be seeing them everywhere from coffee and tea to the beauty industry next year.

I’m sure there are lots more health and wellness trends coming our way next year and I for one am excited to check them out. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2018!


Lauren (aka The Nutritionist Foodie)

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