3 Cool Girl Piercings You’ll Want To Try ASAP

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I’m not sure when exactly it happened but at some point over the last few years we became obsessed with piercings. Weirdly, it’s become one of the first things I notice about someone. 

To be clear, we’re not talking DIY jobs done in your bedroom as a rebellion against parents. No, this time around it’s all about the bespoke piercing experience. We’re taking strategically placed piercings with dainty jewellery done at boutique piercing studios and concession stands in high-end department stores. 

In New York, the ‘It’ girls are all about the conch, anti-tragus, faith and rook piercings which to most of us sounds like gibberish. When it comes to the lobe, the focus is on odd numbers of piercings and these days it’s almost always hoops over studs. 

As for where to go, industry icon, Maria Tash holds all of the power in the piercing game right now. She’s widely regarded as the pioneer of elegant piercing designs and jewellery creation. The piercing experience with any Maria Tash technician is highly personal. Gone are the days of sitting awkwardly in the Claire’s Accessories shop window with a clumsy piercing gun held to your ear. At Maria Tash, everything is taken into consideration including (but not limited to), existing piercings, personal style and the angle at which the jewellery will be viewed (referred to as ‘forward facing’ by the Tash team). All piercings are done with a needle with the piercing itself starting at £15 (not including jewellery) and studs starting at £91. 

If you’re London based, Astrid & Miyu have recently introduced piercing into their Bond Street shop plus a dedicated piercing pop up at Covent Garden’s Neal’s Yard. Similarly to Maria Tash, all piercings are done with a needle, as is common practice with piercings these days. The brand has pulled out all of the Instagrammable stops completing the studio with a wide selection of dainty studs, hoops and their signature ear cuffs, perfect for stacking earrings.

As for where to have the piercing placed within your ear, we’ve broken down the most popular piercing trends of 2018 along with plenty of inspiration should you feel the need to take the plunge and book a piercing appointment before the year is out.

Tash Rook

This is the area I’m currently toying with the idea of having done. If I wasn’t terrified of needles that is.

Some refer to it as the flat ear to avoid confusion with the classic rook that’s slightly lower and the inner ridge of the ear. 

It’s the most popular area because of its versatility. On the one hand you can tick the statement earring trend with decorative jewellery to accompany the piercing, keeping femininity at the forefront of your piercing. On the other hand, the piercing is just as effective should you prefer to keep things more subtle, opting for minimalist jewellery like flat studs. 

Instagram / @maria_tash


Not only one of the biggest piercing trends of the year but the daith piercing is also rumoured to help prevent migraines. The piercing passes through the innermost cartilage fold of the ear which makes it a little more fiddly when having the jewellery fitted but not necessarily any more painful than other piercings.

On average it takes six to nine months for a daith piercing to fully heal but most find they can sleep on it within a few months.

Instagram / @maria_tash

The Anti-Tragus

You’re probably much more familiar with tragus piercings than that of the anti-tragus due to the fact that almost everyone has their tragus pierced. Consider the anti-tragus its more rebellious, older sister.

When piercing the anti-tragus the earring goes through the fold of the cartilage at the top of the ear lobe so that it sits opposite the tragus. It’s dainty but still maintains an edgy reputation. The anti-tragus is the kind of piercing that slots in neatly to a curated ear while also being perfectly capable of standing its ground when worn alone. 

Instagram / @maria_tash
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