3 Hair Tricks For When You Need A Change But Want To Avoid The Chop

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Every so often we go in desperate search of a change. Sometimes it’s the life-changing things like moving country or quitting your job. Other times it’s the superficial things like changing your hair that make all the difference in bringing your mojo back. 

In these moments of desperation we often make rash decisions, particularly when it comes to our hair. Let’s be honest, it’s considerably less complicated to book an appointment with your hairdresser than it is to do a transatlantic overhaul of your entire life but it’s your call.

Changing up your hair doesn’t have to be costly, dramatic or even all that permanent. Sometimes it’s as simple as strategic placing of a few bobby pins. 

If you’re feeling stuck in a hair rut but don’t want to commit to chopping off your locks, give these styling tips a try.

Switch your hair parting

You’d be surprised just how much a shift in your hair parting can completely transform your look. Plus, you may have been parting your hair totally differently to what’s most flattering for your face. For example, those with an oval shaped faces may be more drawn to a middle parting which actually, only highlights any asymmetrical facial features you have. Instead, experimenting with a deep or slightly off-centre parting will look more flattering particularly because women with oval faces can pull off trickier looks.

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The Faux Bob

This is a look that requires a little more patience than simply stepping out of the shower and flipping your parting differently for the day but for those contemplating a real bob, it’s a worthwhile practise run. Just make sure you have plenty of bobby pins on hand. 

To achieve the look first enhance the natural texture of your hair with the use of salt spray. Then divide your hair into two loose pigtails – no need to be fussy with neatness, any extra texture helps to make the look more natural. Next – this is where things get slightly more complicated – tuck the length of each pigtail up and under at the nape of the neck before securing with bobby pins. Et voilà. Welcome to the faux bob life.

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Amp up the volume 

Thankfully we’re not talking about the return of the beehive, nor are we encouraging you to torture your hair with masses of backcombing. 

If a hair cut is off the cards but a change is in need why not give extensions a go? While mostly associated with bringing additional length to the table, extensions are also a great way to add in some volume to otherwise thin hair. If you’re still feeling non-committal, there are plenty of temporary, high quality options available to try. If you’re brave enough you could even try clip in bangs.

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Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, image.ie and Emirates Woman.

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