4 Trends That Are Here To Stay For 2019

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We’re in the midst of January clear outs yet embarking on new year style transformations. We’re determined to be more conscious of our contribution to the fast fashion cycle yet struggle to resist shopping the sales. We’re consuming street style images more than ever yet the fast approaching Fashion Week feels daunting this time around. We’ve entered fashion overwhelm. Who knew such a thing could exist?

But let’s all take a deep breath. 

Take a step back. Take stock of what’s in front of us because contrary to popular belief, the new year doesn’t have to mean ditching all of last year’s biggest trends. The good news is that many of the trends that featured heavily in 2018, are here to stay which means you’ve probably done a lot of the prep work for 2019 already.

Hold off that wardrobe clear out a little longer, these are the trends here to stay for 2019.

Animal print 

2018 became the year we embraced the influence of the animal kingdom through our sartorial senses, interpreting our own take on their beautiful prints and removing any potential cruelty from the mix. It started with leopard print, hardly a surprise considering our increasing reliance on fashion nostalgia. Then came the obsession with snakeskin, one whose infiltration into our wardrobes took us all by surprise. Already we’ve entered 2019 with crocodile print, tiger print and even zebra print in high demand from all fashion houses.

Instagram / @fashion_panic

Colourful suits

It started with Hillary Clinton’s famous power suits but that’s certainly not where it ended. Several seasons later the colourful suit trend is still going strong. Collections showed support for an entire starburst collection of colour interpretations of the trend and with heavy influence from sage green (and an increasingly heavy presence from pistachio shades) within the street style set, 2018 ensured we were fully on board with pastel tailoring in preparation for its prominence in 2019. Thankfully, so did the high street.

Instagram / @camilacoelho

90s nostalgia

It seems there’s no escaping our fashion faux pas from the 90s past but honestly, we’re pretty pleased about its 2019 refresh. We’ve seen the phenomenon of the slip skirt obsession take over Topshop’s Satin Bias Skirt re-stocking abilities and their popular slip dresses seems to be appearing in more and more colour ways. Stock up on a variety of different colours and pair with your favourite knitwear for winter. Come summer, ditch the layers and allow your favourite slip dresses their time to shine all year round. 

Our nostalgic nineties transfixion continues into introduction of square-toed shoes, a structural design much more sophisticated than previously given credit for. Then came the racer vests, a shape we didn’t think could ever justify a comeback until that now famous all white street style image merged earlier this summer. Never mind the 2018 trends carrying over into the new year, the nineties have made an impressive feat in maintaining their comeback right through to 2019.

Instagram / @thewaysheknows

Cycling Shorts

Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, we’d all assumed the cycling shorts would be a one season wonder. Alas, it seems we were wrong. Fendi, Chanel, Jacquemus and Acne all featured cycling shorts within their collections. For those a little unsure, look on the bright side, at least you’ve had a whole season to come to terms with them and by this stage, Instagram is full of styling inspiration for the controversial trend.

Instagram / @lornaluxe
Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, image.ie and Emirates Woman.

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