5 Common Hair Myths Debunked by Barbers of BT45 Founder, Chris Graham

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Similar to a lot of things we learn when growing up, certain ‘facts’ that we take for granted about our hair simply aren’t true. You might have heard them whispered about on the schoolyard as a child or spoken about as an adult with a friend down at the pub. Your mum might have passed them onto you and her mum onto her. You might have read them on some dodgy website or clicked into a junk email to satisfy your curiosity. But these five common hair myths are about to be debunked, so grab a pen and paper and commit them to your memory.

Washing your hair too much damages its natural oils

Like any other part of your body, hair is susceptible to getting dirty and needs to be washed. Over the years I’ve heard everything ‘washing your hair makes it lose its natural oils’ to the notion that shampoo causes hair loss. The fact is, unwashed hair collects dead skin cells that can cause hair loss when they’re left to fester. So get shampooing!

Getting your hair cut regularly makes it grow faster

Some of our regulars at BT45 and Salon 45 seem to be under the impression that the more they come to see us, the thicker their mane will be when it grows out again. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but hair grows from the scalp, meaning that anything we do at the tips is cosmetic. Don’t get us wrong, we’re really good at the cosmetic bit, but just don’t expect us to work miracles on your genes.

Colouring your hair makes it unhealthy

While it is true that bleaching your hair with peroxide can make your hair brittle and more likely to lose its lustre, there are other colouring products available on the market and some of them can actually be good for your hair. Depending on the product, adding colour plumps up your strands, making your locks look thicker.

Cold water makes your hair shiny

I think the logic behind this one (if there is any) is that the hair works like the skin and cold water makes the hair cuticle close. It doesn’t. Unlike hair, skin is a living organ and reacts sensitively to temperature. If you want your hair to develop (or to maintain) its shine, then source a good conditioner. 

If you pluck a grey hair, two grow in its place

This is one of the most pernicious hair myths in the business because it plays into the negative stereotype of greying hair as marking some kind of inevitable decline. The fact is that when we notice one grey hair, we start to notice others, and if we pluck them all we’re doing is weakening the overall quality of our barnets. Our advice is to visit a good barber or hairdresser. Our job is to suggest things when your hair becomes a worry, so put your trust in us and we won’t steer you wrong.

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