5 Expert Tips For Making Your Interiors Look Luxe For Less

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We spend the summer fleeing our homes for one trip or another, visiting friends for weekend BBQs or heading out to enjoy the sunshine in local parks. When it comes to autumn time we’re ready to get nesting at home again, prepare for all of the cosy evenings and Saturday night dinner parties. Much like our wardrobes, we start viewing our interiors differently as the seasons change and long for an update to go with the change of temperatures in the outside world. Creating a stylish sanctuary is the perfect way to ward off post-summer blues. 

Instead of carrying out an entire overhaul of your interiors, all it takes is a few extra tweaks to update your home and maintain a luxurious feel – no need for any major décor investments. 

We spoke to Maria Allen, founder of interiors blog and pop-up homewares brand, Salle Home, for the inside scoop on making our homes look more expensive on a budget.

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“I think the key to making your home look well put-together, curated and unique isn’t about spending money. It’s about layering; mixing and matching your own little gathered objects, and colourful, quirky pieces that don’t cost the earth, but have bags of personality, and speak of you. For me, there’s a level of sophistication in a scheme like that, that money simply can’t buy.”

Mixing older collected pieces with new decor in your home is a fun way to add chic elements of character and while it takes some time to curate the perfect collection, the pay off is worth it for creating a gorgeous and well-thought out space.

Take the layering approach in your textiles too. Add in a variation of sumptuous textiles for a luxurious and cosy feel to your home, mixing and matching patterns while clashing textures to bring a more contemporary vibe to the space.

Invest in unique pieces

“I love finding new designer-makers whose products are chic, cool and full of character as I know customers will fall in love with that. My end goal for our pop-up homewares brand, Salle, is to provide just that – maker-made pieces that are distinctive and have the ability to create a fresh vibe, rather than the mass-produced products which stagnate individuality in our homes. I mean, we want a personal style stamp on our wardrobes, so naturally we want that in our homes too.”

Adding unexpected items to a room can make your home appear more interesting and adds that element of “je ne sais quoi” a room may be missing, pulling it all together with the help of one statement piece.

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Recognise the items worth splurging on 

With the change in seasons and trends, it can be hard to know which items are worth spending the big bucks on in your home especially if you’re someone who likes to change their interiors frequently. You don’t need to spend big when it comes to curating the home interiors of your dreams but some items are worth dropping an extra dime on. 

“The types of things I consider worth splurging on are tactile items like cushions, because a quality fabric definitely adds a luxe edge. It’s amazing too, just how special a tired, old chair bought on Gumtree can look when you bring the zing to it with a fun new fabric – and the satisfaction you get from this type of purchase never ends.”

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It’s the little things

“Styling books with beautiful covers is a nifty little hack, but is also a meaningful way to add personality and depth to a room scheme – style their colourful binds and a plant pot or candle atop to create an interesting vignette that draws the eye. I also love using illustrated and typographic postcards as teeny pieces of art.” Plus, every fashion girl loves a good coffee table book and now you’ll finally have somewhere to put them. 

Other little elements include putting your hoarded copies of Vogue to good use. We appreciate a carefully styled (but made to look totally effortless) stack of magazines in the corner, creating the perfect fashionable pot stand. Even better, display them under the glass of your coffee table to make things a little more interesting.

Never underestimate the power of a good paint job

“Paint is the ultimate shortcut – inexpensive, but a total game changer in terms of how it can define a room and dictate a mood; never underestimate it’s power.”

Don’t forget about interior and exterior doors when it comes to a refreshed colour scheme. You’d be amazed at the difference a fresh lick of paint on your front door can do for a foyer upgrade. Painting doors in your home, particularly the exterior of your front door can help to anchor a colour scheme while also creating more drama and contrast.

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Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, image.ie and Emirates Woman.

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