5 Of The Best Fitness Instagram Accounts To Inspire A Fresh Gym Routine

With a complete shift in schedule and for some, a shift in location come summertime, it’s easy to let fitness routines and healthy eating sit on the back burner for a little too long. We’ve replaced daily workouts with coffee dates and rooftop cocktails with friends. 

The problem is, for most of us, summer is a time when our body insecurities are highlighted the most. The media is awash with ‘bikini bod’ hacks and the weather dictating a more liberating approach to our fashion choices. It’s easy to let the guilt creep in on the dwindling healthy lifestyle front. 

One habit that we can guarantee will still be intact whatever the season is our love of an Instagram scroll. So we thought why not kill two birds with one stone and put our Instagram addiction to good use, filling it with #fitspo accounts that feel like our own personal trainer in our pockets. 

As advocates of body positivity, the idea that women should feel pressure to have their bodies look a certain way doesn’t sit particularly well with us. However, we support living a healthy lifestyle that allows you to feel confident and strong in your mind and body. Working out plays a big role in that. 

These are the fitness Instagram accounts inspiring us to up our game in looking after our health. Less about solely focusing on appearance and instead more interested in promoting an all-round healthy lifestyle and mindset, boosting your confidence and helping you feel good in your skin, these guys are some of our favourites to follow.

The Food Medic: Hazel Wallace

If there’s one thing you couldn’t fault Hazel Wallace on it’s her ability to keep health and nutrition a priority despite her chaotic schedule. She built The Food Medic as an educational platform and media group with the purpose of bridging the gap between traditional medical advice and the latest thoughts and developments in nutrition. Through The Food Medic Instagram you’ll find informative articles grounded in science, easy-to-follow recipes and actionable tips and guides to help you feel more informed about healthy lifestyle choices.


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Maeve Madden

Maeve Madden is a women’s health advocate and personal trainer whose Instagram feed is filled with easy to follow workout videos and nutrition tips. 

One thing in particular that we love about Maeve’s account is her commitment to keeping it real. Suffering from both IBS and PCOS, Maeve is no stranger to handling body positivity struggles and going the extra mile to look after your health. 

Her relatable tone and approach to content saw the release of her book Beat Your Bloat last summer, filled with recipes, workout, and nutritional tips to help you feel more confident in your skin. 

Upon the release of Beat Your Bloat last year, we spoke to Maeve about her fitness journey and approach to health and fitness. Click here to read all about it.


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Melissa Wood

Melissa is a favourite not only among her own followers but also the majority of the influencer industry itself. Her feed consists of her incredibly popular workout videos that can be purchased in full on her site. The workouts require little to no equipment to be used and are really effective. Her message and content resonate so strongly with people due to her belief that the key to an overall healthy lifestyle comes from a healthy mind and balance in life.


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Megan Roup

We’re all about the workouts and fitness instructors who keep fun at the forefront of exercise and Megan Roup does exactly that. 

Originally a dancer, Megan spent the early part of her career post-graduation as a professional dancer in the theater, concert dance and with NBA’s Brooklyn Nets dance crew, The Brooklynettes. She then combined her love of dance with her passion for fitness to launch The Sculpt Society. Her Instagram is filled with mood-boosting workout content, combining good music with dancing to recreate the happy feeling dancing as a workout brings her and share it with her clients and followers.


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Blogilates: Cassey Ho

Another firm favourite of influencers and her own followers alike is Cassey Ho’s Blogilates account. An O.G in the fitness influencer space, Cassey is an award-winning fitness instructor with over 500 million video views on YouTube and 4 million subscribers. 

Similarly to Megan, Cassey also uses music to bring her work to life, controversially fusing pop music with classical pilates routines, melding the music to the mat, unlike anything the industry has ever seen before. 

On the Instagram front, expect workout advice, starter challenges and an insight into her life with cute puppies which, although less fitness-relevant, an undoubtedly adorable added bonus.


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