5 Photo-Editing Apps To Enhance Your Instagram Stories

Gone are the days when Instagram was about sharing shots of loved ones with loved ones. Gone too is the simplicity of sharing a shot exactly as it was originally captured. Nowadays it’s all about the edit but, careful here, employing photoshop to alter your physical appearance and shape isn’t the way to go. Think 90s nostalgia and vintage filters, creative overlays and interesting sound effects. 

Take advantage of the speculated demise of Snapchat and the constantly evolving InstaStories that have taken over. While the initial takeover may have been a simple matter of a fickle audience, the introduction of GIFs, polls and hashtags show that teams at Instagram are working hard to maintain their current reign of the social media platforms, consolidating a permanent switchover. 

The growing popularity of various photo-editing apps has certainly helped Instagram’s campaign to stay at the top. If you find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed and flicking through the InstaStories wondering how friends, family and influencers alike are creating such beautiful content, grab a pen and paper – we’ve got the inside scoop.

1. Unfold

Arguably the most popular of photo-editing apps, the Unfold app is perfect for creating a wide variety of collages to up your Instastory game. The extensive list of formatting options allows you to combine photos, texts and videos all within the one Instastory upload. Furthermore, the app allows you to save and store every story you create, allowing you to access all stories you’ve previously created using the app. 

2. Huji 

Ironically as the tech world and camera capabilities become more and more advanced, we millennials find ourselves yearning for the days of the disposable camera. 

Huji answers these nostalgic prayers with an offering of filters that will satisfy all vintage lovers. Add a date from any era to the watermark for a truly authentic 90s feel and choose to add or remove light leaks as you see fit. 

3. Over

Over exists on a similar par as Unfold in terms of popularity although, being the more advanced of the two, this app isn’t for the faint hearted Instagram users. content creators will revel in the creative editing options available ranging from switching up texts, background and stickers when creating your own InstaStory design from scratch or by bringing your Instastories to life using one of their pre-made templates. 

Add photos on top of each other. Add text. Add stickers. Change backgrounds and add an unlimited amount of photos to one canvas. Go wild – the opportunities are endless. 

4. Splice 

Designed by GoPro, this app is dedicated to editing videos and like the majority of the newest photo-editing apps, is used by most to create Instatory content. Both photos and videos can be added to your projects but the feature that draws most attention to the app is the selection of music available to bring your project to life. Choose from an extensive library of music and sound effects within the app or choose o add music from within your own iTunes library. 

5. Adobe Spark

With tools allowing users to animate wording and add effects that turn photos into videos, this editing app goes far beyond a simple text overlay editor. 

Additional features include resizing tools, collage layout options and a colour palette put together by pulling all of the shades from within your photo. While various in-app purchases are available, as it stands you can’t upload your own fonts – a minor downfall in the grand scheme of this creative app’s capabilities.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, image.ie and Emirates Woman.

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