5 Simple Ways To Manifest Positivity And Happiness

5 Simple Ways To Manifest Positivity And Happiness…

Candlelight can have a surprisingly strong effect on an environment and in turn, the mood. The simple act of opening up a space with a peaceful, natural light can lift the energy and calm the soul. Taking a moment to watch the flame of a candle burn can help centre a busy mind and align the breath with a still and quiet moment.

Put emphasis into being mindful about your physical self and reconnect to your body. This can be done by simply grounding to the earth in bare feet whenever you can – in the garden, the park or on the beach for example. Feel the earth beneath your toes and ground your energy. Use essential oil roll-ons on the pulse points, get a massage, reflexology or acupuncture. Allow your physical self to reconnect to your inner self in these moments.

Use music as a tool. Create playlists to manifest a positive mindset or shift a stagnant mood. Have your curated playlists at hand throughout the day when you know you will require uplifting energy, for example on the morning commute or at the gym – or choose slow down, meditative music for the evening wind-down before sleep. However, be mindful when selecting your tunes – music is a powerful amplifier, it can enhance a current emotion, whether that be joy or sadness.

This may seem simple, but few of us do it. Actively look for opportunities to slow down throughout the day. Life is busy and our days are often hectic, so instead of trying to fit these moments into an already full schedule, simply recognise and take advantage of opportunities when they arise:
– Sit and look out your kitchen window with your morning coffee
– Read an empowering book on the way to work instead of scrolling on the phone
– Eat dinner around the table with your partner (instead of in front of the television) and have a conversation about your day
– Instead of a rushed morning shower have an evening bath with essential oils and salts
– When you get into bed at night lie in silence for a few moments, focus on the breath and connect to how you are feeling
Could you insert slower, more mindful moments into your day?

Give thanks and practise gratitude by truly feeling what you are thankful for in life. Take regular moments in your day to focus on the positives in your life and say “thank you for…” out loud. You may be surprised by the joy this simple task brings you. When feeling overwhelmed or despairing, write lists of what you are thankful for and allow yourself to bask in the goodness that has come your way, knowing that life challenges bring positives and lessons bring growth. Living with a grateful heart and mind means giving yourself permission to feel happiness in any moment.


Eve Brannon

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