5 Stories To Brighten Up Your Monday

The height of weekend news catch-ups tends to include scrolling through social media aimlessly, liking a few posts, checking out the headlines and occasionally indulging in the weekend magazines. Enter vacation season and our priority of staying on top the news slips a few rungs down the ladder. 

Instead, we’ve been making time for reading up on interesting topics. Taking life a little less seriously and reading things that pique our interest whether of world interest or not. There’s no better day than a Monday to get lost in a little cultural debate about social media trends, body-positivity and think pieces about human nature or whatever it is that really takes your fancy. 

So as we kick start another week with some of us firmly on pool loungers with others consistently daydreaming about doing so, we’ve rounded up a few of the internet’s most interesting reads floating below the radar of world politics. 

Plus these stories will have you whistling away, strutting your stuff and embarking on a Monday filled with life in the know.

These are the top stories to brighten up your Monday. 

3 Older Women On How Vanity Changes With Age

“Some days I can’t tell if I’m conceited or insecure. This thought passes through me on a Saturday afternoon. My partner and I are sitting at an outdoor cafe on Grove street, people-watching in shared silence. It’s June and, as the clock strikes 6 p.m., the cobblestones catch the sunlight and, for a split second, the city sits still. I, however, do not. I fiddle with the neckline of my sweater, cursing myself for picking weather-inappropriate attire. I’m distracted by my bleached-blonde hair, weeks away from a touch-up, gathering at my shoulders like a bale of hay. I run my fingers through the ends and cringe.”

“I’ve come to accept my vanity as part of me. On some days, like when I spend the better part of golden hour analyzing a French girl’s ponytail, I’ll admit it takes the wheel. But there’s so much more that drives me, like empathy, ambition, compassion. Can I actively choose to let those guide me instead? In search of answers, I spoke to three older women—Joan, Jamie, and Geri—about their outlooks on appearance, beauty, and aging. Each of their perspectives reminded me that the qualities of one’s personhood are not mutually exclusive, and they all make us who we are.”

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Dolly Alderton On The Joy Of Fantasy Househunting

“I have just come back from a week’s holiday in my favourite place in the whole world: the Flete Estate in south Devon. I’ve been visiting its soft sand beaches and primrose-freckled hedgerows with my family since I was tiny. We haven’t been there all together for the past 10 years, and the sight of the sea from my bedroom window in the morning and the prospect of a day of crabbing, collecting shells, swimming and eating cheese sandwiches still makes me as excited at 30 as it did at four. This time, however, I found a new favourite activity. Going on long, directionless, meandering walks, looking for that rare and breathtaking thing in beautiful, serene nature that makes visitors most excited: property for sale.”

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Wild Swimming Is The Anxiety Antidote I Never Knew I Needed

“It was nostalgia, not a desire to clear my head that first drew me to outdoor swimming in my 30s. I’d grown up close to water and spent my childhood at the beach, neck deep in the North Sea. The seaside’s effect on my mood became evident when I moved away and was saddened to no longer be greeted every morning by calming waves. I found some old photos taken on a beach where I am cold, wet but grinning widely. And so, after a period of increased anxiety as an adult, I decided to take the plunge to see if I could get that smile back. Along the way I discovered a community of likeminded souls who enjoy the soothing qualities of the sea.”

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How I Get It Done: Friends Creator Marta Kauffman Hits Snooze Every Morning

“Marta Kauffman is the writer and producer responsible for some of your favorite TV shows. Along with David Crane, she’s the co-creator of Friends, the iconic ’90s sitcom that changed TV (and friendship) as we know it. Now she’s the mastermind behind Netflix’s Grace and Frankie, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, and she is a co-founder of the female-led production company Okay Goodnight. Kauffman lives in Los Angeles, and has three kids. Here’s how she gets it done.”

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Instagram’s Design Gave Rise To The Influencer Economy. It May Also Be It’s Downfall. 

“When everyone is an influencer, no one is an influencer. And Instagram’s design isn’t helping matters.

Influencers are publishing more than ever. They published 15 times more editorial posts and eight times more sponsored ads on Instagram in 2018 than they did in 2016. Yet consumers are starting to pay less attention to what they post, according to a new study by social media metrics firm InfluencerDB.

The problem is in part due to the influencer ecosystem itself: There are more than 500,000 active influencer accounts publishing posts around the clock. But it’s also a problem born of Instagram’s design. Its simple scrolling feed limits how much we can see at any given moment. So the more influencers post, the more our feeds are made up of white noise, and the easier it is for us to disengage.”

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Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, image.ie and Emirates Woman.

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