5 Ted Talks To Watch Before The Year Is Out

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With the end of the year fast approaching, many find themselves in a state of reflection. In the days immediately following New Year many conversations are consumed with chat about how quickly the 2018 passed us by followed by probing questions about how you plan to better yourself in the year to come. 

This year I’ve decided to focus my New Year’s resolutions based on improving my mentality and although cheesy, work on improving myself from the outside in as opposed to material objectives of years previous. This is why I love the message behind TED Talks. 

Here at The Style Edit, providing our readers with positive and empowering content forever remains top of our priorities. Recommending TED talks falls neatly into that category because unlike the stereotypical, motivational content thrown our way at this time of year, TED talks don’t try to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Instead the speakers chosen to present their TED talks – all experts in their field – are chosen because of their ability to inspire without guilt tactics. For some, motivation comes from getting those cogs turning in your brain, being able to relate to a speaker through their personal anecdotes, taking what the speaker has said and applying it to their own ambitions in a positive light. These are the people who benefit most from watching TED talks.

As millennial career blog, Career Girl Daily, reminds us, “technically 2019 is just another month, the only transformation that can be made is within you.”

So gather around, listen to the experts and make you new year’s goals more about building on existing positive qualities instead of punishing yourself for those you lack.

“Technically 2019 is just another month, the only transformation that can be made is within you.”

Kelly McGonigal: How To Make Stress Your Friend 

You’re probably feeling pretty stressed round about now. We’ve all been working hard and burnout rates are soaring. In this TED talk health psychologist, Kelly McGonigal challenges our attitude to stress, suggesting that with the right attitude, stress can actually become our friend. Within the presentation, McGonigal makes a strong case for focusing on what’s going right when we’re experiencing physical symptoms of stress as opposed to what’s going wring. 

She stresses that, “Hopefully next time your heart is pounding from stress you’re going to remember this talk, and you’re going to think to yourself, This is my body helping me rise to this challenge,” she continues, “And when you view stress in that way, your body believes you.”

Watch the full video here.

Mel Robbins: How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over

Life coach, Mel Robbins first entered my life through a Goal Cast video where she explained her rocket ship theory to beating the snooze button. Within this talk she explores that further, suggesting that embarking on the road to happiness could be as easy as no longer hitting the snooze button in the morning. Provocatively, she argues that the same amount of effort needed to get out of bed in time correlates with the effort necessary to shake up your entire life. 

Watching this TED talk could transform 2019 into the year of turning your brain on autopilot and breaking out of your comfort zones for good. 

Watch the full video here.

Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation

Career analyst, Dan Pink is the author of five books about business, work and management, all of which have sold 2 million copies worldwide. It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about business. 

Within his TED talk he takes the opportunity to introduce his audience to ‘The Candle Problem’ complete with experimental evidence. While you’ll have to watch the TED talk to watch how the experiment plays out, the basis of it suggests that we should no longer rely on material incentives to boost motivation levels. Instead we should focus on purpose as motivation. This interesting approach to motivation will not only teach you how to motivate yourself but also how to motivate others. 

Watch the full video here.

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Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

This one goes out to all of the introverts who repeatedly put themselves under pressure to be more outgoing. Being more outgoing goes against every fibre in an introvert’s body and within this TED talk, Susan Cain teaches us that that’s ok. Her funny, personal narrative used to support her messages makes this presentation all the more relatable. It’s a tool that lulls introverts watching, into the sense of security she wants them to feel all of the time. She explores the constant barrage of criticism that introverts are faced with, presenting her narrative in a compassionate but realistic manner.

Within this TED talk, Cain argues that introverted leaders are more likely to share power and give others space to express ideas, using leaders such as Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks as examples.

When you’re finished with this one you’ll want to invest in her book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. 

Watch the full video here.

Kathryn Schulz: It’s Ok To Be Wrong

News flash: we all make mistakes and that’s ok.  

Kathryn Schulz looks at the common misconceptions associated with failure. She challenges our feelings about making mistakes, reminding us that mistakes are actually essential to our success, crucial in order to grow and develop as human beings. Schulz aim is to reduce fear directed at failure and mistakes through both her talk and her book, Adventures in the Margin of Error, where she presents an admiration for human error. 

For those of you sick of beating yourself up for making mistakes, listen up. 2019 is for acknowledging and appreciating the lessons these mistakes teach us. 

Watch the full video here.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

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