5 Ways To Make the most of your Easter Break

Whether using the time to catch up with friends, chill out or entertain family, we’re all keen to make the most our mini-break from office life over the Easter holidays. It’s a chance to quiet the part of our brain that revolves around spreadsheets and deadlines, meetings and office politics. It’s a chance to stretch our legs, do some exploring or simply chill out and binge-watch that Netflix show everyone has been raving about. There’s no right or wrong way to spend your annual leave but over holidays such as Easter, there can be a pressure to ‘make the most’ of holidays with fun-filled, jam-packed days that while fun at the time, may leave you feeling more exhausted when you return to work. The bottom line is that these next few days spent off work are the time you’ve been longing for to focus on the things you love the most.

Looking for some inspiration to make the most of your Easter break? Check out these ideas below but above all, remember to take some time for you.

Switch off

There’s no doubt that annual leave is precious. So precious that it can feel any days taken have to be justified by a busy, fun-filled agenda. But that’s not the case.

Many of us spend our days glued to a computer screen which by this stage we’re all well aware isn’t healthy but is also mandatory to get our work done. Take this time to step away from the computer, refresh your ideas and watch as potentially dwindling creativity returns in abundance by the end of the Easter break.

Much like Christmas, Easter is one time of year when most of the working world is closed which means you can switch on your out of office, leave your phone behind and relax in the knowledge that everyone else is off enjoying themselves with work-related emergencies kept to a minimum.

Sometimes there can be a pressure to make the most of your break by staying busy, packing your days with fun-filled activities when in reality our bodies want us to slow down, start melting away stresses and dedicate time to returning to work a happier, healthier version of ourselves. If that’s where your brain is at this weekend, consider this the permission you’ve been looking for to embrace the quiet life for a few days.

Treat yo’self

We’re all aware of the struggle to find time for beauty appointments or to let loose on a shopping spree without time constraints. These next few days? Embrace those treat yo’self moments with open arms. Book in for a pedicure with your best friend. Catch up with your mum over a brunch date. Hit the shops for a solo spree and new wardrobe that has you new season ready. Spend all the time in the world scrolling through ASOS.

Tick off the life admin chores

You know those niggly jobs you know you need to do but keep putting off? Enough with the procrastinating. Dedicate a morning to working through that to do list, get your ducks in a row and pat yourself on the back when upon completion, you really feel you’ve got your life together. Sometimes the boring things you keep putting off can be the most fulfilling when you’re done.

Work on that side hustle

It may go against our previous recommendations of taking this time to switch off but remember, this is time dedicated to doing the things you love but don’t always have time for. For some people that does mean switching off but for others, it’s the thrilling opportunity to dedicate time to side-hustle passions that are otherwise limited to late-nights and weekends.

Stockpile content, squeeze in those meetings and go wild on your vision board.

Catch up with friends

There’s no better time to catch up with your friends than during the Easter holiday, particularly those that live abroad or are too busy catching up on work for the rest of the year. Spring brings with it so much positivity and, pardon the pun, a real spring in our step to enjoy time spent with friends and family. Get out there and enjoy the sunshine with your closest gal pals or cook up a storm for your family. Make the most of shared time off by immersing yourself in time spent with people you love.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, image.ie and Emirates Woman.

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