7 Adult Versions Of Your Favourite Childhood Meals To Tick All The Comfort Food Cravings

One of the many joys of being an adult is the freedom to decide what you want to eat and when. Sometimes that means having breakfast for dinner, devouring a bowl of sugary cereal in the middle of the day or finishing a tough day at the office with a massive bowl of pasta and a glass of wine while sitting on the sofa watching reality tv in your PJs at 9 pm. 

Unfortunately, sometimes we’re expected to act a little more grown-up with our taste buds but the older you get the more you learn to cheat the system and find ways to keep your inner child alive. 

As it turns out, all it takes is a touch of creativity to bring your favourite childhood dishes to life in a more grown-up way. 

These recipes will show you how.

Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast by Half Baked Harvest 

“Basically, this is just a fancy PB & J. It’s a cross between the classic PB & J and french toast with the addition of an awesome, quick and simple rhubarb jelly. All we are doing here is making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, dipping it in egg, frying it in butter and then dusting it with just a little powder sugar.”

Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Joy The Baker

“You know what I’m about to say.  I’m about to go on and on about how delicious this sandwich is.  Of course, I’m going to say that this sandwich tastes exactly like Spinach and Artichoke Dip smashed between cheesy bread.  Of course, I’m going to say that the buttery crisp bread pairs perfectly with the creamy, salty artichoke and spinach insides.  Of course, I’m going to claim that this is perfection. It is.”

Adult Tater Tots By Gourmet Cooking For Two

“This is one of our favorite dishes. They are worth the extra effort and for me, they are truly the best tasting spuds I have ever had. We call them Adult Tater Tots because I adapted them from STACK in Las Vegas. I ordered them once and I was hooked. Mine are better. Sorry, but it is true.”

Kimchi Fries by The Woks of Life

“The fries are baked in the oven, seasoned with Korean chili powder (optional, for those who’d rather have a milder fry), and then topped with caramelized kimchi and onions. Melted cheese rounds everything out, and a sprinkling of bacon and scallions makes everything better.

Kimchi fries: the perfect movie night snack, super bowl party food, or epic after-work pick-me-up.”

Crispy Baked Chicken Tenders by Pure Wow

“Once you become an adult, certain things become off-limits. Like eating chicken nuggets, for example. Luckily, we found a way around that with this recipe for crispy baked chicken tenders. They’re a completely acceptable grown-up comfort food–although we can’t promise we’ll use a fork and knife.”

Paleo Air-Fryer Fish Sticks by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

“These Air-Fryer Fish Sticks are a great update on the traditional store-bought frozen fish we all hate-to-love! While that version usually has a long list of foreign ingredients, our gluten-free version is made with tapioca and almond flour and cooked in an air-fryer! They’re paleo, kid-friendly, and they reheat well so you can make them in a big batch for a quick lunch or dinner anytime.”

Smoky Tomato Soup by Two Peas and Their Pod

“This easy tomato soup has been on regular rotation at our house this winter because it is made with simple ingredients and it’s a hit with the entire family, especially when served with a grilled cheese sandwich. You can’t go wrong with tomato soup and grilled cheese. Classic comfort food!”

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, image.ie and Emirates Woman.

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