7 Tartan Items That Give Us All The Clueless Vibes

It’s come to my attention lately that I’ve been living a lie, so to speak. 

The lie in question? 

How I really feel about the tartan trend. 

If you asked me right here, right now, how I felt about it, I’d probably turn my nose up at you, screw up my face and give you some predictable line about it being ‘too school girl-esque.’  You’d take one look at my tartan-centric outfit and shame me for hypocrisy there and then as my wardrobe, Pinterest and ASOS saved items tell a completely different story. 

In the past two months, I’ve purchased not one but two pairs of tartan trousers. One of which, made of wool, I bought at a vintage store and committed to having them dry cleaned because I loved them so much. The other I’ve already spotted in a different colour palette and have mentally added them to my wishlist. Open up my ASOS account and you’ll notice at least three versions of the trend within the coats I’m eyeing up for the season ahead – classic beige, lilac and grey. 

I take my hat of to Cher Horowitz’s ability to pull off the famous yellow tartan skirt suit in that Clueless scene and I can appreciate the grunge nostalgia associated with the trend as much as the next guy, so why do I instinctively deny my clear love for the trend when all signs point to fandom? Believe me, I’m rolling my eyes at myself too.

Instagram / @cluelessthemovie

I’m going to put it down to fashion faux pas from the toddler days. Plaid was big in the 90s and my mum didn’t hold back on the plaid pinafores, dresses and coats galore. The photos still haunt me and given that it’s every child’s instinct to rebel against their mother, this seems a rational excuse. However, as tartan continues to parade itself all over instagram, I feel myself succumbing to the trend more and more each day and if I don’t come clean soon enough, I’ll expose myself as the fickle fashion fraud I really am.

When Italian house, Versace ventured stateside for its very first pre-collection runway show earlier this week, tartan became totally inescapable again as attendees turned to the all over tartan looks insisted upon within their AW18 collection.

Instagram / @weworewhat

Speaking of runway references, Michael Kors was among those who went down the retro route when supporting tartan for AW18. The American fashion designer embraced the grunge vibes associated with tartan through checked trousers and maxi scarves. Balenciaga on the other hand, stuck with their iconic structured silhouettes and longline coats. 

One thing the runway made very clear was that the traditional tartan colour palette is no longer the only option. As part of plaid’s chic resurgence, colours have extended to neon orange (as seen at Prada), blue and red (Dior) and purple and yellow (Versace). However, classic and more subtle options (beige, black and white) are still on the table as a wardrobe staple, meaning there’s no time like the present to pull out that Burberry coat from the back of the wardrobe. 

Now that winter fashion is upon us, which approach will you take to the tartan trend?

Instagram / @monikh
Check Trousers with Turn Up Hems, £39.99 at Zara
Tartan Coat, £89 at Topshop
Checked Skirt, £24.99 at H&M
Check Jacket, £39.99 at Zara
Maxi Checked Scarf, £29.99 at Mango
Pencil Check Midi Skirt, £39 at Topshop
Mixed Check Peg Trousers, £49 at Topshop
Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, image.ie and Emirates Woman.

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