8 Gluten-Free Cocktail Recipes Fit For a Weekend of Fun

Alcohol is often something overlooked when it comes to being gluten-free. For those that are gluten intolerant, there’s the big debate around whether or not distilled alcohol is gluten-free but according to Celiac UK even if a cereal that contains alcohol is used as an ingredient, all spirits are distilled as part of the manufacturing process and this process removes any traces of gluten. This means that all spirits are safe for those with celiac or a gluten intolerance along with cider, wine, sherry, port and liqueurs.  

Alcohol that can cause problems and doesn’t tick gluten-free boxes includes beer, lager stouts and ales although specially manufactured versions of some beers, ales and lagers are available.

But when it comes to cocktails, what are our options?

Ahead of a hopefully, long, warm summer, we’re already thinking about the refreshing cocktails we can consume during a summer afternoon. In a bid to help out our gluten-free friends, we’ve rounded up the best of gluten-free cocktails perfect for summer.

Click each cocktail name for the link to the full recipe.

This gluten free mojito recipe is lightly sweet, simple and goes down an absolute treat.
Perfect for hosting, step up your G & T game with Cookie + Kate’s gluten-free take.
And when you’ve perfected the Gin Fizz, bring in the big guns with this light and refreshing cocktail guaranteed to pack a punch.
Nothing says summer like rose champagne and pureed strawberries.
Add in vodka and swap out soda water with dry champagne. Hey presto, gluten-free cocktail.
Simple to make, pretty to look at and perfect for a summery afternoon or an evening spent relaxing on the porch.
Add in vodka and swap out soda water with dry champagne. Hey presto, gluten-free cocktail.
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