8 Office Approved Outfits To Save For A Rainy Day

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Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before 2019 calls our bluff on New Year’s Resolutions to be more organised but as it stands, we’re firm believers in planning our outfits the night before. Even better if we can dedicate 20 minutes on a Sunday to planning an entire week’s worth of outfits in one sitting. At this point we’ve nailed the routine of checking the weather, conferring with our outfit inspiration boards and laying out all of our outfits accordingly. However, every so often the weather forecast throws a curveball at us and hits us with last minute torrential rain, the kind that your new heels and wide leg trousers certainly won’t survive. It’s in these moments that it pays to have a backup outfit on your hands.

The harsh reality is that no, those beautiful suede boots you just bought will not survive the rain, yes, you do look mad with that bird-adorned umbrella and yes, we hear you, you’ve got to stay dry but style shouldn’t be compromised as a result. You may feel filled with doom and gloom at the sight of the downpour going on outside but there’s a simple sartorial solution that will have you dancing in puddles and celebrating the storm.

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The key things to remember for workwear that weathers the storm is to invest in a chic pair of closed toe shoes, ideally boots at this time of year. Consider material both in terms of shoes and accessories. You want something a little more water-resistant than suede and when it comes to the rain, opt for a bag more sturdy than those made of delicate leather. Those concerned with compromising style during a rainy day commute will want to hop on the clear bag trend ASAP. The trend first appeared earlier last year and has answered all of our soggy sartorial prayers that come with the commuter life.

At the end of the day, we spend most of our days in workwear and while some of us are luckier than others in terms of dress codes, nailing workwear can be a real task. Gone are the days of dull corporate uniform. Instead, we’re of the era where life really is a fashion show whether that’s at your desk or on the dancefloor. It just takes adjusting to the seasons come rain or shine.

Let’s bring the fun back into workwear with these eight office-approved outfits perfect for a rainy day.

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