A Mexican Getaway

What comes to mind when you think of Mexico? The hustle and bustle of the city streets in Mexico City? The ancient pyramids and history of the Aztecs? Or perhaps you’re like me and picture the delicious juicy flavours of Tacos Al Pastor topped with spicy salsas and washed down with an ice cold beer. For most, however, they see white sandy beaches, tall palm tress and warm weather. 

Growing up in Southern California I am no stranger to Mexico, we’d often take trips across the boarder solely for the purpose of getting tacos – trust me it was worth it. Surf trips down the coast became more frequent, as did stops for margaritas and fresh lobster. I’ve always loved everything about Mexico, the food, the drinks, the weather and of course the people. So when the rain and grey skies of winter were getting me down it was time to pack a bag full of bikinis and sun dresses and head south. A week full of yummy food and warm weather was just what I needed.

This time I ventured to a new part of Mexico for me, San José del Cabo, and I quickly fell in love. Many skip over San Jose and go straight to Cabo San Lucas, while Cabo has its perks it can be somewhat of a party town. If you are looking for a quieter spot with white sandy beaches, warm weather, safe streets but an authentic Mexican vibe then San José del Cabo is the spot for you.

What impressed me most about San José was the epic food scene. Some of my fondest memories of Mexico involve food, primarily tacos and beer, and eating is one of favourite things to do on holiday. San José did not disappoint, the restaurants were top quality, modern and most importantly delicious! Here’s a few of my favourites for the next time you find yourself in sunny San José. 

Flora Farms 

If you are looking for fresh flavours, unique drinks and quaint atmosphere head to Flora Farms. This mini community on the hill became famous as the wedding venue of Adam Levine’s marriage to Behati Prinsloo. Alongside the restaurant is the farm, where much of the produce for the restaurant is grown, a pond, a barn and boutique shops selling everything from locally made clothing and jewellery to sweet treats and alcohol. Make a reservation as the place typically fills up quickly, especially on weekends when they often have live music playing. I also suggest getting there early, that way you can check out the farm, and the shops and of course enjoy a delicious cocktail at the bar before being seated for dinner. Then you can relax and dine on fresh local flavours with modern twist. Flora Farms is more than just dinner, it’s an experience. 

Carbon Cabron 

Dark moody decorations that scream authentic BBQ are just the beginning. The walls are covered in wood, the open kitchen allows you to not only see the wood grill but smell its enticing aroma as well, making a dinner at Carbon Carbron a treat for the senses. If you are the more adventurous type when it comes to food I highly recommend the bone marrow, grilled to perfection it is sweet and smooth, just as it should be. Follow that with plates of perfectly grilled vegetables and tender steak. The charcoal margarita pairs perfectly with any dinner choice, and is more than Instagram worthy, as is the carrajillo, alcohol and coffee. Finish it off with one of their delicious desserts and Carbon Cabron will become one of your favourite restaurants – I’m already eager to return. 

The Breakdown Coffee

A modern sleek café found in the old town artist district of San José, this coffee shop was made for the wandering coffee lover. Owned by Ryan and Natalie Ethiridge, world travellers themselves, they wanted to bring the best aspects of all the cafe’s they’d visited in their travels to their new home in San Jose. First and foremost is the coffee, they use Bunamax coffee for their nitro cold brew and pour overs. Hand shaken coffee cocktails are a treat, try the mojito one for a refreshing pick me up. They also have homemade goodies, such as morning cinnamon buns and vegan tamales.  Enjoy your coffee on the quiet patio over looking the old town or take it go and wander the artist district and the cute boutique shops with more handmade goodies to take home. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Mexico without tacos, and for this I recommend heading to a local street vendor, watch them quickly assemble your taco right before your eyes and don’t forget the cold beer to wash it down with. Then head to the beach and enjoy the natural beauty of the white beach and tall palms, the ideal foodie beach getaway. 

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