A Positive Spin On Negativity

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Dr. Mary Helen Hensley is an expert in chiropractic care and metaphysical healing.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley

It had been a beautiful afternoon. The sun was low on the horizon, but gave promise of the infamous ‘stretch in the evenings’ that the Irish so desperately crave in winter. I had been invited to speak to a large group in Dublin; folks who were seeking tips on creating positivity and joy in their lives.

While I was hidden in a bathroom stall pulling up my unfortunate choice in tights for the hundredth time I heard one woman say to a friend as she was washing her hands, “I hope this lady is good. I’m so sick of going to talks about positive living but nothing changes for me after.” Hmmm.

Luckily for me, I’m quick on my feet. As a public speaker who has never used a note, I thanked the Universe for giving me this perfect cue as to the direction I would now take my talk.

Usually, I walk around and shake hands or hug people before I get started, thanking them for using their valuable time to come hear me speak. My mind was racing after the comment I heard in the loo, so I decided to go out and shake things up a bit. I stayed out of sight until my introduction had been made and then walked on stage to the sound of hopeful applause from an audience ready to get ‘juiced up’ with a really positive message.

I introduced myself, “Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, author, metaphysical healer, international speaker and Doctor of Chiropractic.” Most had come to hear the story of my near-death experience in 1991, waiting anxiously for tales of my ability to communicate with those in spirit and my uncanny capacity to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Many were there because they had read my book, Promised By Heaven, or because a friend had heard me speak before and referred them for an evening they wouldn’t forget. Well-known for my bizarre sense of humour, my talks have developed quite a reputation.

After the intro, my tone immediately changed as I shared with my audience: “You know, people think it’s ‘so cool’ that I can talk to the dead. Well, let me tell you, it’s no walk in the park folks. There’s no respect of my time; I’m always on the clock. I could be out to dinner with friends, at an amusement park, even on an airplane and if someone from the other side wants to deliver a message to a loved one – i’m on duty. As for the near-death thing, people forget that the experience nearly left me for dead! I had to go to a place so beautiful, that it hurts to remember, only to come back into a body that was completely twisted and broken, so I could spend the rest of my days fixing other people’s’ problems. When you’ve been up for three straight days with a migraine or have trouble swallowing your dinner because of the scar tissue left after a broken neck, it’s not quite as enchanting as it sounds. I’m a single mum raising two kids by myself since they were one and three. I was left with their dad’s enormous debts when he abandoned us just before the recession. I’ve had cancer twice, a list of injuries a mile long and I get to spend my days listening to how tough life is for my patients.”

Crickets… jaws were hanging open in total shock and one guy in the back was even gathering up his things to leave. Just before I lost them all, I stepped behind a decorative pillar in the banquet hall, waited a few seconds and then stepped back out again. I re-introduced myself. “Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, author, metaphysical healer, international speaker and Doctor of Chiropractic.” The looks of confusion were priceless. My tone changed again to the one I am best known for. With unbridled excitement I spoke of the near-death experience that took me to another world, showing me the grand plan of how this all works. I was greeted by Guardians who have watched over me since the dawn of time; we all have them! I explained that we already are that which we seek and that each and every beautiful soul sitting before me matters in the eyes of the Divine. I explained how this knowledge allowed me to return to a body that was broken so that I could rebuild it with the help of Chiropractic, the profession that would ignite my passion for teaching the infinite wonders of the human form and spirit.

I went on to describe my deepest gratitude to be gifted with the ability to connect with those who have passed on and the inexplicable pleasure it gives me to watch someone’s grief dissolve in front of my eyes. To return with the ability to intuitively read someone’s biography and then assist them with changes in their biology in order to heal, or in turn, to walk hand in hand with an individual as they transition from this life to the next without fear. My God, I am truly blessed.

When my relationship came tumbling down (and my finances along with it), I built spiritual muscle that has shown my daughters a strength that will see them through the inevitable hard times in life. I got the opportunity to bond so deeply with my children as their only present parent and we have the most incredible adventures because of it. They have learned first hand, that joy can’t be found in ‘things’, unless joy is first found within.

Now at the edge of their seats, I told my audience my greatest secret for personal empowerment. We all have aches and pains, we have all experienced financial or relationship difficulties and sometimes it’s just plain hard to get out of bed in the morning. But at the start of each day, before my head lifts off the pillow, I ask myself one thing: “Are the physical or emotional pains I feel right now bigger than the things I want to accomplish today?”. The answer is always the same.

By first greeting my audience with my personal wounds, I sent out a vibration that was palpable. People began to fidget, there were whispers, eyes rolled and the atmosphere was downright uncomfortable. I asked them to remember how that felt. They sniggered and laughed, so relieved that this hadn’t been the ‘real me’ or that they hadn’t wasted their time and energy showing up just to listen to someone rattle on about their problems. When I asked them to take an honest look at the way they were speaking to others about their own lives, a whole lot of people weren’t laughing anymore.

The damage done when we greet people with our wounds goes far deeper than losing someone’s interest in our personal story. The very signals that we send out set up the circumstances for the way the world will respond back to us. When you send out a vibration of negativity, the Universe conspires to assist you on your journey by returning negative frequencies, interactions and circumstances, until such time that you finally realise that you are literally creating your own reality.

“The damage done when we greet people with our wounds goes far deeper than losing someone’s interest in our personal story”

To be the victim of our own tragic stories is such a waste of the potential beauty and joy that can be experienced, if only we would allow it. The most beautiful tapestries are woven with both dark and light threads. To define yourself solely by your most painful experiences; to attempt to bond with others via your misfortunes, only serves to fool you into thinking that somehow you aren’t worthy of the love and light that waits patiently to be discovered. Always remember… you already are that which you seek.


Dr. Mary Helen Hensley

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