Alexa Chung’s Designer Debut At London Fashion Week

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Yesterday marked a pivotal moment for Alexa Chung’s career within the fashion industry as she celebrated the catwalk debut of her eponymous label, Alexachung.

Chung held on to her front row position firmly and impressively over the course of the last decade but this season marked her move, trading her front row position for a spot backstage.

Having established her own highly recognisable, signature style long before the launch of her own label, establishing the aesthetic of her own brand hasn’t been a huge obstacle she’s had to overcome since its launch in 2017 – made all the more obvious during the debut of her collection on the London Fashion Week catwalk.

Titled ‘Arrivals and Departures’, the collection takes inspiration from the departure lounge and various jet-setting locations, some as far flung as Tokyo – a bunny print Chung noticed on a napkin during a recent trip to the Japanese city served as the inspiration for the logo of fictitious travel company created for the collection – along with references closer to home such as picturesque postcard prints of British beach fronts printed on a collection of silk scarves that were made available to purchase immediately after the show.

Alongside silk scarves and ‘AC World Travel Inc’ – the aforementioned fictitious travel company – emblazoned logo sweaters, the collection included one-stop denim jumpsuits, languid daytime pjs, new-fit jeans for the brand, rain macs, striking tailoring and even an appearance from beach inspired looks.

It may have been Chung’s first time taking a bow as a fashion week featured designer but it wasn’t her first rodeo hosting a catwalk event for her label. Previous events include a catwalk event held at the Danish church near Regents park alongside numerous guerrilla style events to promote the launch of previous collections.

As with all other events, her fashion week debut held host to a star-studded front row with famous faces including Pixie Geldof, Daisy Lowe, Laura Jackson and Pandora Sykes.

Up until now the label has followed the see-now-buy-now model therefore, moving to the former, traditional on-schedule model is certainly intriguing and seems perhaps a little backwards at a time when many other designers are making the shift in the opposite direction, making the see-now-buy-now model their primary focus. The shift to the traditional on-schedule show will be combined with regular and punctuated drops from the label to create a hybrid model that Chung feels confident will serve as the solution of fashion’s scheduling dilemmas.

Speaking to Vogue, Chung explained, “This show was always very clear in my mind,” she continued, “I wanted it to be a fantasy airport where all these different characters are popping up.” The title of the show, ‘Arrivals and Departures’  takes on a deeper meaning too. Developing this further, Chung says, “The airport is a place of vulnerability and anxiety. On a bigger, more metaphorical level, it’s about saying goodbye to your past and welcoming your future.” – a point made all the more poignant when you consider that having an official runway slot was an important goal for Chung since the brand’s inception.

Pre-orders of the jelly shoes (made in collaboration with Juju) featured within Chung’s collection were made available for purchase immediately following the show along with the capsule of silk scarves. Pre-orders and purchases can be made here.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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