An Interior Addict’s Guide To Chic Christmas Decor

My husband, a Christmas lover through and through, once commented that if I had my way we’d be having a ‘cutting edge Christmas’. And while many amongst you may be fully aboard my ship, he definitely did not mean this in a complimentary manner. What I believe he was getting at was that my preference for festive decor that neither interrupted nor interfered with my carefully considered interior aesthetic, was simply a tad underwhelming for him. And I get it. I love the spectacle that is Christmas, and this annual opportunity to overly adorn both ourselves and our homes is not lost on me. But I’m also a fan of what you may call ‘festive finesse’. So whilst I can appreciate the seasonal sass of an ostentatiously decorated tree, it’s just not my dream decor. What I do love is a simple fir, with just a sprinkle of sparkle. And since metallics are the name of the game at Christmas, a few carefully chosen accents can make a strong statement placed sparingly amidst the branches. Interiors aficionados may also be keen to incorporate current influences such as geometric shapes and patterns to add a stylish edge.

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If you love a touch of theatrics but aren’t a fan of traditional Christmas decor, then paper decorations also have the power to add an atmospheric aspect to your seasonal style. Think paper baubles in a mixture of sizes hung merrily along a bannister, all in white or in deep, rich hues to welcome the season. Hang an array of paper fans from higher ceilings, place a colourful collection of paper trees on side tables and you can create, to your chosen degree, delicate or dramatic festive displays.

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Alternatively, with the visible move towards incorporating more plant life and greenery into our homes, Christmas also serves as the perfect opportunity to pimp your house plants. And what could be cuter than a cactus with a shiny star atop its prickles? With a growing emphasis on reflecting our own individual style in our home, this type of personalised approach to decorating at Christmas can result in a truly unique look. And should you fancy combining cosiness and creativity, then take a walk on a cold winter’s day in search of the perfect foraged branch to adorn a wall, choosing anything from fabric to foliage as the garnish. These types of festive features are super simple yet supremely effective, with the added bonus of helping bring the outside in.

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If space is at a premium in your home, then the last thing you’ll need is the clutter of decorations, so why not add your festive features externally? A lonely winter tree, devoid of its leaves in the front garden, needs only a few eye-catching baubles sparsely scattered across its branches to transform it into a stunning statement. Always happy when there’s a can of gold spray paint involved, I was inspired after a pre-Christmas visit to concept store Merci in Paris, to try my hand at spraying our little exterior potted pines which sit either side of the front door, and I really loved the soft, shimmery effect.

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Another essential embellishment and a timeless Christmas classic is the mantle garland. By incorporating some coloured candles this one really has the ability to add bags of chic, festive oomph to a room, all by itself. You can also decide to buck tradition and use this seasonal staple draped over a large mirror for an unexpected twist, complete with your own infusion of decorative costume jewellery for an extra feminine feel. Scandi lovers may prefer to pursue a more minimal Christmas vignette, with the capacity to constitute an inviting display. Grab yourself a mini eucalyptus plant, flank it with a few tapered candles and a cosy sheepskin and you’ve got yourself a festive corner that will see you through this season and on into the next – twinkling star addition optional.

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Finally, if Christmas truly is the season for romance by candlelight, then a selection of mistletoe sprigs dotted through the home may be all the adornment you need. Hang them with some pretty ribbon above your favourite hotspots and you’ll hopefully find yourself floating through the season in a haze of mistletoe-induced magic.

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