Anna Wintour Speaks Out Against Fast Fashion

It’s been a contentious issue in the fashion industry for some time and now style’s leading lady, Anna Wintour has spoken out against fast fashion.

In an interview with Reuters the American Vogue editor called for more sustainability in the fashion world and less of a throwaway culture. She urged consumers to value their clothes and stop treating them as “instantly disposable” and admitted the industry still had a long way to go in terms of pursuing diversity and inclusivity on the runways.

“I think for all of us it means an attention more on craft, on creativity, and less on the idea of clothes that are instantly disposable, things that you will throw away just after one reading,” she commented on the issue of sustainability.

“(It’s all about) talking to our audiences, our readers, about keeping the clothes that you own, and valuing the clothes that you own and wearing them again and again, and maybe giving them on to your daughter, or son, whatever the case may be.”

The interview follows the news that Condé Nast, of which Wintour is artistic director, has become the first media company to join the UN’s Fashion Industry Charter for Global Climate Action and take accountability for driving higher standards in the fashion industry, in order to address the climate crisis.

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