Are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Coming To Netflix This Month?

Autumn is well and truly here which doesn’t have to be as doom and gloom as our complaints about the weather tend to suggest.

Autumn is the excuse we’ve all been waiting for to tuck ourselves away inside, light the fire, indulge in all of the snacks and hibernate in front of the tv. Clearly, Netflix is on the same wavelength and have upped their game with October’s additions to the streaming platform.

Some among us will be relieved to hear that it’s not all about the scary movies this month. While Halloween is an obvious marketing ploy for the platform (and every other business in existence), they’ve kept their content fresh and varied with new titles including The Prince and Me, Along Came Polly and Life As We Know It along with the Twilight series, The Girl on The Train and The Goonies. 

However, they haven’t overlooked the festivities entirely with the addition of their very own, highly anticipated series, The Haunting of Hill House – a horror based on Shirley Jackson’s classic 1959 novel. Other creepy new titles include another original series, Chilling Adventure of Sabrina – unfortunately of no relation to the Sabrina the Teenage Witch we all know and love. The series follows the life of a teenage witch who has to decide whether she wants to be a human or live a life loyal to the devil – just your average conundrum when surviving your teenage years.

Photo Credit: @netflix

Scarefest aside. The big news about Netflix’s October releases are the rumours that Mary-Kate and Ashley may be returning to our screens with none other than New York Minute.

Released in 2004, the movie follows Mary-Kate and Ashley playing twins with completely different personalities – Mary-Kate playing Roxy, the rebellious, rock-chick twin and Ashley as Jane, the token overachiever dedicated to her studies. The pair trick their parents and embark on a series of adventures around New York City.

Photo Credit: @marykateandashleyo

Dubbed as the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for teens (and nostalgic 90s kids) here’s hoping the rumours are true. We’re more than ready for the movie marathons Autumn was made for.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

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