Are You Going To Be A Spring Bride?

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I could not be happier that Spring is finally approaching; good riddance once and for all to the cold winds and ice storms from this winter in the UK!

With the improvement in the weather what better time to think about wedding season beginning? Maybe you are tying the knot in the next few months, or planning ahead for next Spring; either way, I’m here to show you how to glow like the goddess you are on your big day.

Make sure the Easter eggs are of the mini variety

If you read my previous article, Eat Your Way to a Better Tan, you will know that what goes inside your body affects the health of your skin, and therefore the result of your tan. So maybe treat yourself to a Cream Egg or two (they are my Easter vice) before the big day, but keep the giant Lindt bunny and Hotel Chocolat Easter hamper of dreams until after the big day to keep the sugar levels down!

How to guarantee there won’t be a tangerine hue in sight

When choosing a tan it’s best to have a trial; both to try the tan itself and the skill of the spray tan therapist. I would always recommend a Vita Liberata spray tan which is what I use on all my clients. In a bridal context, their formulas are so pure and organic that they work with your skin tone, and you will always be a natural colour for YOU. In my opinion the number one thing to strive for on your wedding day is to look like yourself; albeit the most polished and perfected version of you! For your trial choose a shade that makes you one or two shades darker than your current skin tone. At this time of year very few guests will have had holidays so you don’t want to turn up with a lusciously dark tan and risk standing out like a beacon! Also try on your wedding gown or a similarly coloured dress a couple of days after your tan trial. White or ivory always make a tan appear darker so this will help you in your decision regarding colour. You may want to go lighter for your actual wedding tan.

You glow girl! 

If there’s one piece of advice to listen to it’s to go and buy some Body Blur by Vita Liberata. This celebrity make-up artist ‘must have’ gives skin a glow which reflects the light from the sun and a camera flash. They now have five different shades so you will be sure to find something for you. My personal go to is shade Latte. To apply, use a kabuki brush to buff it onto the tops of your arms, shoulders and décolleté as a finishing touch before the ceremony.

Eloping for a wedding abroad?

Make sure to pack plenty of high factor SPF and reapply often leading up to the day itself. This will ensure no tan lines from bikini straps, and your photographer will be forever grateful as you will save them a lot of editing time after! I got married in Croatia (I’ll share my experience and tips another time) and was religious about applying my SPF25 daily. I also tried as far as possible to only wear bandeau style bikinis and dresses up to the wedding and it worked a treat.

Whatever your plans for the big day; guest list of 20 or 200, home or abroad, I wish you a day filled with love and an abundance of happy tears. Stop and take it all in as often as you can during the day as you will have a ball!

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