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As the darker nights draw in it’s time to start thinking about updating our homes to reflect the changing season.

Ikea is predicting four key trends to dominate this Autumn Winter. Furniture and patterns inspired by traditional and cultural looks from the past to create the New Age Folk trend look set to be a hit along with products made from environmentally-friendly materials and natural fibres in the Bold Sustainability look. 

There are two distinct colour trends making an appearance this season, with darker shades such as burgundy, navy, deep purple and olive green creating the moody, yet elegant, Rich Pigments trend whilst the Winter Warmer look encompasses a softer colour palate, featuring light greys and dusky pinks mixed with hints of brass. 

With an emphasis on affordability and inclusivity Ikea’s ethos is all about how you don’t need to make big changes to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Simply making some small additions to the home can make a big difference, and the latest collections include both big and small items to fit those looking for a full overhaul or for those who just want to invite a new feel in to their interiors. 

New Age Folk

In an increasingly fast-paced world, the New Age Folk trend encourages a look back to our heritage, through the collection of traditional motifs and objects that are either both antique themselves or take inspiration from past traditions and practices yet bring them bang up to date. At the heart of this is personal expression, and the display of treasured objects or new items with meaning blended with pieces that link back to our pasts. This trend encompasses a combination of rich earthy tones, cultural detail and bold patterns, taking inspiration from around the world to create an environment of discovery in the home. 

Bold Sustainability

For years, creating interior design with environmental credentials at its heart has meant having to use a base of neutral tones and create texture through natural fibres, but developments in design – and an increased focus on sustainability – mean that this no longer has to be the case. Enter Bold Sustainability – a trend that celebrates bold and striking environmentally-friendly interiors, which highlights how sustainable living can still allow for personal expression with standout designs that use recycled or reclaimed materials. 

Winter Warmers

As the colder months approach, the Winter Warmer trend comes in to create a cosy and soft side to the popular Scandinavian look. Although Scandi interiors typically focus on various shades of whites, this updated look favours a base palette of grey and dusky pink, with pops and accents of brass to bring warm and relaxing tones into the home. 

Rich Pigments

We are set to embrace a dark and moody colour scheme this winter which will create an elegant and decadent look within the home. The key to the Rich Pigments trend is layering rich tones such as burgundy, olive green and navy blue together to add depth and character to the décor without it becoming gothic. 

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