Beauty Resolutions You’ll Actually Want To Keep Next Year

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Uh oh, New Year’s Eve is on the horizon which can only mean one thing; the pressure of New Year’s resolutions is mounting. 

The new year is a great time to set ambitious goals for the year ahead. That might mean furthering your career, improving your finances, travelling the world. It could also be something much simpler like upping your skincare game or committing to actually removing your makeup on a nightly basis. 

If you’re feeling that 2019 is the year for more relaxed resolutions, we’re all for it. Focusing on your beauty routine is as good a place as any to start. 

These are the five beauty resolutions we recommend to make 2019 your most beautiful year yet.

Leave your blemishes alone

…maybe not completely but at least stop picking at your face. We know, we know, it’s more of a knee-jerk reaction than anything else but by doing so you’re running the risk of spreading infection and bacteria in the process which long term, will only lead to more breakouts.

Instead try icing the area to reduce any swelling on painful spots and try an acne patch to aid the healing process. In terms of ingredients, look for products that include salicylic acne which removes excess oil and dead skin.

Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots, £28 at Revolve

Ditch the face wipes

Makeup wipes can be a great quick-fix for removing makeup after a night out and if it was a choice between using wipes or not removing the makeup at all, we’d obviously choose the former. However, using wipes to remove makeup everyday doesn’t exactly do wonders for your complexion, especially for those with sensitive skin. 

Instead, invest in a good cleanser for 2019. One that will banish every last trace of makeup at the end of the day. It may feel like more hassle in the short term but that long term glow will be well worth the commitment.

Clean your brushes

This one is my personal Everest in the beauty department. It’s a task I put off as much as possible given the effort required to carry it out. Then I start thinking about the bacteria build up in my brushes and gross myself out enough to finally commit to the task. Make life easier for yourself with tools like the StylePro Makeup brush Cleaner that does all of the hard work for you. 

StylePro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer, £39.99 at Boots

Combine beauty products with self-care

Whether it’s part of a Sunday self-care situation or making #MondayMasking more of a recurring event, treat yourself to an at-home spa day as regularly as you can. Not only will your skin thank you but so will your mind. Plus, you get to try a new face mask every week.

Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment, £42 at Look Fantastic

Don’t forget your SPF

Usually we associate SPF with sunshine and holidays. In actual fact, regardless of the season we should be protecting our skin with SPF every day. The ultraviolet rays that SPF protects us from and that cause sun damage and skin cancer, are present every day, not just in the summer time. A minimum of SPF 15 or 30 is recommended for daily wear. As dermatologists have been working on making us more aware of the product, we no longer have to deal with sticky products that will clog up our pores. Try brands like Dermalogica and IMAGE for SPF recommended by trusted dermatologists.

PREVENTION+ daily matte moisturizer SPF 32, £46 at Image Skincare
Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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