How To: Fake 8 Hours Sleep

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We’ve all been there, that impromptu ‘one drink’ after work that leads to a late night session and the next morning you have an important meeting that you need to look fresh for – what do you do? The only solution is to hide those tell tale signs of sleep deprivation with an emergency arsenal of products ready and waiting to help you out when you need them most. As the party season is now officially upon us, these tricks and tips may come in handy more often than not! NOTE: these helpful products will also be of use to sleep deprived mothers, night owls and those of us that spend hours scrolling through social media when we should be cashing in on those all important zzzzzzs.

Hydrate The Skin

It seems obvious to drink lots of water after a heavy night, but you also need to give your skin a drink too by layering hydrating skincare. After cleansing, gently exfoliate the skin with a glycolic toner like the Pixi Glow Tonic, which removes any dead skin cells, and then apply a hydrating serum like Jordan Samuel Hydrate, the ultimate super-drink for the skin! Seal this in place with a lightweight moisturizer such as the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream. Keep hydration levels topped up throughout the day by spritzing at regular intervals with a hydrating face mist such as the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray.

The Eyes Have It

Your eyes can reveal the main telltale signs that you have not quite met your sleep quota, so addressing tired eyes is key to a fresh complexion and appearance. There are many different solutions depending on your severity of exhaustion – but always start with eye drops to refresh, relieve and brighten. Next treat the under eye area with a revitalising eye mask, a firm favourite are the Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Masks which sooth and hydrate in less than ten minutes. If time is of the essence and you find don’t have time for such luxuries, try a brightening eye cream like the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream which contains coffee beans and natural optic brighteners that wake up tired eyes and reduce the look of dark circles.

To cover dark circles, correctors and concealers can be your best friends. Correctors will balance out any dark areas by using a salmon or peach-toned shade, whilst concealers will cover uneven patches. These can be used alone or in conjunction with each other, just remember not to overload the under eye area with product by taking time to blend carefully. A great all-rounder is the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, a full-coverage formula that never creases and stays put all day. To add a touch of luminosity, and reflect the light, the Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand is great one to have on hand for touching up and adding brightness throughout the day.

Get The Glow

Even if you are not glowing inside, you can give your skin a faux glow with just a few select products. Prep your skin with a luminous primer to add light reflecting particles to the skin, the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer is a classic. Choose your base wisely, even though the temptation to cover everything with a high-coverage foundation is strong, a lightweight option will leave your skin looking more fresh and dewy. Set your makeup with a light reflecting powder, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders are perfect as they add radiance, preventing your skin from looking too flat. Next add some warmth with a touch of bronzer, the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow is an amazing product as you can bronze and contour with the same powder, and it also contains a beautiful champagne highlighter to add glow to the high points of the face. This duo can also double up as eyeshadow by using the highlighter over the lid and the bronzer through the crease. Finally add a touch of peach blush, to counteract any redness in your cheeks and brighten your face, for which Nars Gina makes a perfect choice.

Finally if you do nothing else, always make sure you put your mascara on, as this will instantly revive tired eyes!

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