Family Friendly Movie Recommendations To Watch On Netflix This Weekend

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Cosy season is in full swing and with the days getting shorter, greyer and a lot colder, there’s no better time to snuggle up and start planning the ultimate movie nights. While a good idea in theory, they never seem to go as smoothly as planned. We know the drill as well as you do. The fire is lit, the popcorn is ready and everyone has bagged their preferred seat on the sofa and thus begins the ultimate first world problem, choosing a movie on Netflix. By this stage we’re all too familiar with the depths of the Netflix dark hole of scrolling. We’ve all been there when the struggle has become too real, tantrums have been thrown and you end up half-heartedly watching the first movie that appears on screen. 

In a bid to counteract such struggles on this particularly rainy day, we’ve compiled a list of the best family-friendly movies to watch on Netflix this weekend. 

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

This coming-of-age movie slots perfecting into the rom-com genre without risk of kids having to cover their eyes and ears during raunchy scenes. The film follows the story of high school student, Lara Jean whose romantic fantasies are leaked to each of the love interests she’s ever had. There’s something for everyone to relate to as the movie covers the relationship between sisters growing up together and a single dad trying to figure out raising his teenage daughters.


Danny DeVito directs the film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book smart heroine, Matilda. Born into the wrong family in so many ways, the film follows Matilda as she sets about living life on her terms. Follow the precocious and mysteriously intelligent young girl in her story of underage library visits, evil headmistresses and childhood solidarity.


Shrek is one of those moves that will forever be comforting and funny regardless of either your age or how many times you’ve watched it. The movie follows an incredulously independent and stubborn ogre who longs for a life of being left alone…or so he thinks. A mission to rescue a princess from a fire-breathing dragon sees him pushed out of his comfort zone both in friendships and romance. His unlikely companion, a wise-cracking donkey makes the mission all the more entertaining while the soundtrack will get everyone dancing off their seats.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

A remake of the 1971 classic and based on another beloved Roald Dahl tale, the fantastical film follows young Charlie Bucket who has the fortune of winning a tour of the sweetest place on earth – the sweet factory belonging to Willy Wonka. The bad news lies in the accompanying four children who also won tickets, with whom Charlie will have to compete with to win the ultimate prize. Keep plenty of sweet treats on hand for this one, cravings are guaranteed to ensue.


Similar to Shrek, this childhood classic never gets old. A heartwarming tale of a pig determined to fit in and a gentle farmer who is willing to put his reputation on the line for Babe to do so. The question lies in whether the other animals – alpha-male border collie, Rex in particular – willing to do the same?

The Intern 

Nothing will make your heart soar more than The Intern, directed by Nancy Meyers and starring Robert De Niro alongside Anne Hathaway. Watch as a widowed and retired, Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) goes in search of some work to fill his time. He soon lands himself a senior internship at Jules Ostin’s (Anna Hathaway) online fashion site. Landing in each other’s lives at just the right moment, Hathaway and De Niro’s characters develop a strong bond and friendship. As it turns out, there’s still a thing or two this tech-savvy businesswoman can learn about old school ideals.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

There’s nothing like an old school musical and a bit of Dick Van Dyke’s comedy to lift your spirits during a wintery weekend. The tale follows the unlikely partnering of posh-girl, Truly Scrumptious and widowed father and inventor, Caractacus Potts as a dilapidated car gets the makeover of a lifetime. Plenty of unwelcome fans of the car crop up in the process – including an evil dictator. Watch out for the child-catcher – the only part of the movie where distractions will be welcomed.

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