Festive Skin Saviours

Changes in temperature, harsh weather conditions, busy schedules and evenings spent indulging in the Christmas cheer can all play havoc with our skin. Beauty specialist, Joanne Woods, has divulged her top tips to keep us glowing right into the New Year and beyond.

Cleansing is a vital step to everyone’s skincare routine. Not properly cleaning your face at night will age the skin dramatically. It is important to let your skin breath by removing not only your make up, but also the smog, smoke and daily toxins we all pick up throughout the day. For an utterly deep clean, I always recommend weekly exfoliation. A light exfoliation, not scrubbing until your face is red, massaged in circular motions will clear out the pores and leave you fresh-faced and ready to absorb product properly.

Drinking water is not only beneficial for your skin but for overall health. The result of drinking at least 2 litres a day are endless. When it comes to the skin, the largest organ in the body which is made up of mostly water, without a suitable h2O intake it will not only become dry, tight, and flaky but can be prone to ageing. Some may find drinking such large quantities hard, so we always suggest adding fruit, such as orange, lemon or lime, to give your water a citrus taste.

Vitamins are a must for our immune system and overall health, however skin based supplements are something I suggest everyone invest in – after all, beauty starts from within. The Advanced Nutrition Programme from IIAA give fantastic results and are tried and tested by myself, my team and our clients. Skincare infused with Vitamin A is an essential addition to your routine for anti-ageing and rejuvenating benefits. Deficiencies in Vitamin A can lead to pigmentation irregularities, ageing and sun-damage, which is the most common issue for both men and woman. In order to combat these issues, it is essential to replenish the skin cells with a topical treatment.  At Joanne Woods The Beauty Specialists, we suggest the Environ Skincare Vitamin A range which your beauty therapist can talk you through and provide the best plan for your skincare routine.

A facial is a must this festive season for healthy, dewy skin. Joanne’s go-to is the celebrity favourite HydraFacial, which is loved by Beyonce, Diddy, Kate Winslet, Paris Hilton, Sofia Richie and Denise Van Outen to name but a few. Its six-step approach removes dirt and grime from your pores, and pumps back in hydration. The results are immediate with zero downtime.

Joanne Woods
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