Five Reasons To Go Cruelty Free With Your Makeup

London makeup artist  Viorela Coman worked with the likes of Chanel, Burberry and Heidi Klein and prides herself on being a cruelty free MUA. 

She shares her top reasons why she believes everyone should start taking a more ethical approach to their beauty routine.

©Holly Broomhall Photography

Stop cruel practices on animals
The practices of testing products on animals are cruel and if you saw any video footage about it on, you would definitely have guilt issues and most probably, nightmares. Mice, rats, bunnies, guinea pigs, cats, dogs and monkeys are the most affected animals. They fall under the lab animals category, which means that they are meant for testing purposes and are not treated as regular pets. Stripped of their animal rights, mistreated and tortured to death in most cases they are only born to suffer – unless we all step in and do something about it.

Save money
Cruelty-free cosmetic brands are ethical and budget-friendly. They follow a sustainable strategy that works in the long run and have a low carbon print – brands like E.l.f, Barry M, Natural Collection, the Body Shop, Sukin, Make-up Revolution, NYX and many, many more deserve to be supported by the general public aka you because of their efforts to keep up with modern times and stay ethical in a very competitive industry.

Create change in the beauty industry
By consciously investing your money in brands that care about animals, you will influence how the beauty market will look in the near future. Every step towards cruelty free counts, and will contribute to making beauty giants stop their unethical practices and stop testing on animals in China. Technology allows brands to test ingredients safety on skin created in vitro and computer modelling algorithms use data from large chemical databases to predict how toxic the new chemicals are and how they affect our DNA.

Stay healthy using cruelty-free products
Most popular drugstore skincare and make-up products have alcohol, toxic chemicals, parabens and perfume that usually cause immune system imbalances, allergies, weight fluctuation and reproductive system issues. On the other hand, most cruelty-free brands use milder, non-toxic ingredients with a beneficial effect on your health and overall wellbeing.

You will add value and positivity into the world
Go cruelty-free because you want to set a good example to the next generations by standing up for empathy and creating a better future. Find the Leaping Bunny logo and only buy those products from now on. Every item you buy counts and going cruelty-free will be your way of making the planet a better place for all living beings.

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