From Beauty Therapist To Entrepreneur

While beauty trends may come and go, if there’s one thing that’s always in style it’s a bright smile. 

With that in mind beauty therapist, Debbie Sleeman used her knowledge and experience to create the Polished London brand, allowing people safe, effective access to pearly white teeth at home without the need, or expense, for pricey dental treatments.

Speaking exclusively to The Style Edit the 36 year old entrepreneur from London explained how her career has taken her from working in salons to having her products featured on national television and becoming a must-have item for beauty editors and influencers everywhere.

Debbie Sleeman

What is your career background?
I’m from a beauty background, I went to college and studied NVQ level3 in beauty therapy, I then worked in London salons before working on luxury cruise lines. Travel and beauty has always been a big passion of mine. I worked as an inflight beauty therapist for Virgin Atlantic shortly after the cruise lines where we performed beauty treatments 35,000ft in the air to the upper class passengers, this was a fun role and I loved it.

How and when did you get into your current role?
Polished London originates from Harley Street I performed the PRO treatment to customers but unfortunately new rules set in place by the dental governing body that only dentists would be allowed to perform the treatment so we worked with a dental professor who helped us set up at home teeth whitening products that were safe and effective to use.

Back in 2016 Polished London was founded, our first product was teeth whitening strips followed by the powder and we have since gone on to create more luxury products.

What motivates you?
I am a very hard working person and I am motivated by building our successful team but also having fun with the brand, we work hard but we have fun to – it’s important to have balance. We create products that give confidence to our customers and I get daily messages of how happy our customers are with their new smile, that is the best feeling and I love those messages as it shows we’re doing it right.

What has been your biggest success to date?
Everyday I’m buzzing with excitement because something is always happening. I would say my biggest achievement would be getting contacted by This Morning for our products to be featured on the show. I cried when I read the email because I was just so overwhelmed by being noticed by the daytime TV show it was an incredible feeling.

Who or what inspires you?
I love nothing more then seeing successful people winning, anyone who is working hard and achieving their goals and dreams and constantly moving forward is inspiring to me.

How important is social media to your brand?
Social media is a huge part of our brand, it enables us to connect with our customers, share our messages and build our relationships with our stockists which is massively important to me. Keeping in contact with salon owners who retail our brand is a must, we all work as a team.

What are your top three beauty products?
I love Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks (Pillow Talk is my favourite colour, it’s a lovely nude shade that lasts ages and is very nourishing). Her make up line is gorgeous and her packaging makes me want everything!

I recently bought the new Chanel Water Fresh Tint, it’s gorgeous for your holiday as it’s made up of 75% water so it’s very hydrating and lightweight on the skin. I love that you can build it up by applying a few layers and it comes with a cute little brush.

My final product has to be FEMME Beauty Lumi Go lotion, we recently launched this product as I am a sucker for anything highlighting or glowy.  The Lumi Glo makes you want to bathe in it it smells of yummy chocolate and it makes your skin glisten, I like to use it on my legs when I wear a dress but a lot of MUAs are using it over the cheekbones and highlighting the decollate area; it’s simply a must have product!

“I love nothing more then seeing successful people winning, anyone who is working hard and achieving their goals and dreams and constantly moving forward is inspiring to me.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
I did a Tony Robbins’ four day course in London – Unleash The Power Within, it was absolutely incredible and the days were full of inspiration and learning. I’d highly recommend this to everyone, business owners or not, as it was an incredible experience.

The one thing that sticks to me by Tony Robbins is, “ if you do what you’ve always done , you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”.  It’s so true and it really makes you want to push on and make steps towards your future rather than sitting in a comfort zone.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
We are always working on new products so definitely to have more products added to our teeth whitening and beauty range is a must.

I would love to have our company in department stores with our own pop up Polished London stand.

In five years time I can see Polished London growing into a global brand, which is a dream but I do believe it will happen. We are working on it so watch this space!

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