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Is that the sound of spring creeping ever-so-slowly towards us? After a long, dark winter the first thing that needs love and attention is YOU! When the opportunity arises, your skin should be the first recipient of some much needed TLC, so start by rehydrating with at least your two litres of water daily and next, follow the steps below for your most flawless glow…

Who says you need a reason or an event to tan? Do it for you, and if nothing else, do it to make you feel super body confident even though the festive jiggle may persist (I’m assuming we’re all in the same boat here?!).

Get your skin smoothed to perfection

I think it goes without saying, but at this time of year in particular when radiators have been blasting inside and icy cold air hitting us when outside, our skin takes a little abuse to say the least. What I would recommend is exfoliating the skin with a gentle scrub the night before you tan, ensuring you don’t use an oil based product as this will create a barrier on the skin that the tan cannot penetrate. Or if you have a Turkish style exfoliating mitt, they work wonders creating baby soft skin without using any product. Use it in the shower and always sweep up towards the heart using circular motions. Once you have got rid of the layers of dead skin, your new fresh skin cells will be at the surface and ready to tan! This essential step allows your tan to fade evenly also.

INSIDER TIP: Remember to exfoliate your underarms to rid any deodorant residue and also the area where your bra strap would rub your skin. These can be hidden dry spots, which you don’t notice until after you tan and it will leave a shadowy darker patch.

Turkish Exfoliating Mitt

Be the queen of hand tanning

Your girlfriends will be asking how you achieved such perfectly bronzed hands without a streak or orange knuckle in sight. My top tip for this is to use a medium or dark tan on your body, but only ever use a light or gradual tan on the hands and feet. Simple! Applying your body tan, sweep up away from the wrist and ankles with your mitt. Once you have finished your body, use your hands to rub a little gradual tan (untinted) onto the tops of feet and around the ankles. Then wash your hands thoroughly, and finally rub some of the gradual tan onto the tops of your hands, in between fingers and a little around the wrists. Make sure the palms stay tan free. When you wake in the morning and rinse off the body tan, it will all blend perfectly and look flawless, trust me!

Extend your glow as long as possible

If your skin is in good condition before you apply your tan, a gradual tan should be all that’s needed to extend the colour into a second week. To keep your tan fading evenly, choose a product with no perfume or alcohol in it. This is one of the reasons I choose Vita Liberata tan for myself and my clients. Also be sure to avoid putting any oils on your skin the whole time you are wearing tan, as oils will begin to dissolve the colour.

INSIDER TIP: For any events you may have coming up, remember contouring is not just for the face; a product I cannot live without is Vita Liberata’s Body Blur. It’s like an Instagram filter, giving the skin coverage and an incredible sheen. Gently buff some onto your chest and shoulders with a kabuki brush, and then apply some highlighter onto the collar bones for an incredible glow. For legs apply with a mitt for a little more coverage. Voilà!

Vita Liberata Body Blur

Follow these steps, and you’ll feel like a brand new you, energised and ready to reach whatever goals you have set yourself!


Jill McLean

Instagram: @thetanstylist

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