Hair Overhaul: What Your Dramatic Hair Cut Really Means

A wise woman once said, ‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’.

Said wise woman was the one and only, Coco Chanel, the same woman who offered us many a nugget of wisdom and it turns out that, like most things, she was on to something.

There’s no better way to enter a new chapter in your life than by embracing a major beauty change and for the quickest, most effective results, our first stop is our hair.

Post break up, you’re ready to embrace that blunt bob especially since your now ex spent so much of the relationship trying to persuade you not to. You were smart enough to get rid of him so leaving behind those luscious locks he apparently loved so much seems the logical (revenge driven) thing to do. Take a look at Katy Perry who, following her split from Orlando Bloom, ditched her mid-length style and unveiled a punk like crop, not dissimilar to fellow A-Listers Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson following break ups.

Then there’s the new job colour change. You’ve graduated. You’ve entered the big bad world. There’s no better time than while embracing your entrance to adult life to take the leap from jet black hair to icy (traumatised) blonde, breaking your hairdresser’s heart along the way.

Then comes the infamous pregnancy chop. Long hair just doesn’t seem practical anymore and with all of the changes going on with your body and overall appearance, your hair is the one thing you can control during a time of massive change so why wouldn’t you welcome a new ‘do with welcome arms while six months pregnant?

Whatever your reasoning, no major makeover comes without a period of extensive planning, Pinterest pinning and a little emotional wobble thrown in for good measure.

Your hair is such a prominent feature of your overall look and identity. For some, it’s even their defining feature. So it’s no surprise that when the need for an identity overhaul comes calling, a dramatic hair change triggers both empowering and emotional reactions.

It’s intrinsic connection to our general sense of attractiveness closely connects our hair to our confidence and self-esteem. When we think about confidence we think about control and while a slowing metabolism, emergence of summer freckles and the appearance of our skin are all things we have little to no control over, our hair and it’s endless options for change is something we can take into our own hands (or those of our trusted hairdressers) and take control of.

For some a dramatic hair change can bring with it a period of mourning particularly when the change has been an emotionally driven, impulsive decision. For others it brings feelings of elation and empowerment, some going so far as experiencing a feeling of freedom reignited within them.

To the outside world it may seem insignificant and possibly even absurd that an act of vanity can have such a profound effect on someone’s emotions. A change in appearance has the greatest impact visually. It’s how we express ourselves and assert our independence to the world and Hollywood backs us up. Take Carrie Bradshaw; stood up at the alter by the man she’s been chasing for over 10 years, the final straw in their tumultuous relationship. She changes her phone number, moves back to her own one bed sanctuary on the Upper East Side but most importantly, she parts ways with her signature blonde curls and embarks on her new life sporting luxurious, brunette locks.

Hollywood gets it. Act one and the lives of the characters are either falling apart or painfully dull. Glam squad and makeover montages enter and BAM! by act two all is right with their lives again.

Hair cuts change lives. Hairdressers see it all the time. They know better than anyone else that a hair cut or dramatic colour change signifies so much more than that for their client. They understand that this is a vital part of the process in shedding the burden of who they used to be and the new persona they’re ready to take on.

In these moments of change, it’s not just about a new look, it’s about starting a new life.

Today, we take on the chop. Tomorrow, the world. A woman with a fresh cut is not to be messed with.

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