Halloween Outfit Ideas For Those Who Really Don’t Like Halloween

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You know what, I’m just going to say it. 

Halloween is not my thing. 

Autumnal dressing? Yes. 

Nights by the fire? All for it. 

Walks in the fresh October air all bundled up? I’m there. 

All of the above, those are the kind of autumnal activities I’ll happily get on board with but fancy dress, painting your face wild patterns and battling the anxiety of whether you’ll be the only one dressed up at the party? No. Thank. You. 

A lot of it comes down to laziness. My creativity comes to a drastic emergency stop once fancy dress comes into the equation. If I had someone to do all of the work for me, on hand to choose my Halloween costume and make a masterpiece of my halloween makeup, would I feel differently? Probably but alas, that’s not the case.  

Laziness aside, there’s also the money issue. Not that I’m a cheap skate, in fact, quite the opposite when it comes to keep my shopping addiction at bay. It’s the fact that for the same amount of money I will inevitably spend on a Halloween costume that I will wear once (the outfit, the hair, the makeup, the wild amount of makeup remover it will take to remove said makeup, the random novelty accessories, the list goes on), could also be spent on a new pair of shoes, the same ones I’ve been trying to justify purchasing for months OR I could get an entirely new outfit of ‘normal’ everyday clothes that not only will I get more wear out of but I’ll actively enjoy wearing. 

Plus, it’s all a little awkward really. There’s the “will I, won’t I commit to the theme?” or more appropriately the “will they, won’t they commit to the theme?” The extremities to which people will take a fancy dress theme is so diverse that by the time you’ve entered the party your anxiety levels are sky high based on the over-thinking of whether you’ll be the only one dressed up. 

All in all, its a lot more effort than it’s worth in my eyes. I’m aware this makes me some sort of scrooge to the majority of the population and I understand that, I feel the same about those who don’t get excited about Christmas but what can I say, I am who I am. 

For those of you who struggle to get into the spooky spirit year after year, try these minimum effort Halloween costumes and revel in the knowledge that this time next week, it will all be over.

Halloween Cobweb Veil, £10 at Topshop
Leopard Print Mesh Bodysuit, £32 at Topshop
Black Tinted Bat Glasses, £3.99 at New Look
Hallow Queen Crop T-shirt, £14 at Topshop
Poison Ivy Face Jewel, £10 at Gypsy Shrine
Unicorn wig, £14, ASOS
Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, image.ie and Emirates Woman.

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