Influencer Sinead Hegarty On The Power Of Positivity And Overcoming Adversity

To many, understanding the power of positivity, human behaviour and the depths of spirituality is like speaking a foreign language. It’s something many of us strive to master and yet it takes a certain approach to bring relatability and ease of understanding of the concept. For the influencer, Sinead Hegarty, she’s dedicated time to studying these topics and paid her dues in her own self-development and commitment to a positive mindset. Now she’s using her platform to educate and inspire others to do the same. 

Here Sinead tells us where her interest in human behaviour and spirituality began, dealing with down days and what she wishes more people understood about her.

What sparked your interest in human behaviour, energy and spirituality?

I went through a stage in my life after a major heartbreak where I was asking questions in my head such as, “What is wrong with me?”, “Am I not pretty enough?”, “Am I not enough?”

I felt like I had no answers so instead of going through these questions and continuing down the pity path, I decided to take actions and study human behaviour. I found all the answers for myself. I got the closure I needed and realised that actually, it wasn’t me or how I was, it all came down to values. His and mine weren’t aligned. Then it became an obsession and I couldn’t stop studying human behaviour. I needed to know more. I learned that knowledge is power and have been on this journey ever since.

“I learned that knowledge is power and have been on this journey ever since.”

How do you deal with down days?

I always say no matter how much you practice positive mental health, it will still sometimes rain in the mind. Although now, I have the tools to deal with negative thoughts. I call them ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) and if you don’t nip that thought in the bud and address it you will be infested with ANTS. Once you’re aware of negative thoughts you bring it to the surface and ask yourself, is there a solution for this thought? For example, “I feel fat” – that’s a common thought for us girls. So, you look at that thought and acknowledge that there is a solution to feeling this way. I can go for a walk or I can watch my calorie intake. So, actually, there’s no need to dwell on this thought and let it infect your mind.

“Once you’re aware of negative thoughts you bring it to the surface and ask yourself, is there a solution for this thought?”

Tell us about the process of deciding to move to Australia

I always wanted to go to Australia, however for years I put it off while waiting on friends and boyfriends etc. I never really felt brave enough to go alone. 

As it happens, I was waiting on a boyfriend to have enough money. Our flight was booked for two weeks time. Then, I received a text from a girl telling me my boyfriend had cheated. My value system would not allow me to take him back and he wouldn’t get the flight unless I took him back. So, I went on alone. The universe wanted me to do this all along. Although it was the toughest time of my life it was the making of my true self. I really found myself travelling alone and wouldn’t change any of the hardships I had in order to get to where I am now. 

What was the scariest thing about moving to Australia and deciding to do something different with your life?

Money! I had limited funds in Australia and it was so stressful but one thing I learned was that I can be happy with no money. Money is just a bonus. I also learned you can make more money tomorrow!

How do you handle being so honest and vulnerable with your social media followers?

There is nothing more amazing than the feeling of being your true authentic flawed self and people accepting it! It was tough at the beginning to unveil my true self, to put my ego aside and just come clean that I was skint, heartbroken, depressed. I felt people would judge but they didn’t they all related to it and when I get a message saying I’ve helped someone it is the best feeling in the world to have this purpose.

“There is nothing more amazing than the feeling of being your true authentic flawed self and people accepting it!”

What inspired you to start sharing your story?

Once I knew I was helping others it became my purpose and once you find purpose the reaction in your brain gives a constant drip of dopamine which is a wonderful feeling that gets me up every morning.

In terms of your positive outlook on life and the kind of outlook you encourage in others, was this something you cultivated over time? What do you feel is a good starting point for others hoping to shift into a more positive mindset long term?

Start building good habits especially reading. Just begin by reading one or two pages day and start forming a habit. There are so many books that will change your whole life and give you all the tools to a positive mindset. Try The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins or Feel Better Fast and Make It Last by Daniel Amen.  Once you have the knowledge of your mind and you’re self-aware, that is when you can control your mind.

What does the power of positivity mean to you?

You can’t just train your body, you must train your brain. My life has changed drastically since I began practising positivity. It takes time for your brain to adjust but once it becomes a habit and your brain is on automatic mode, doors you never know existed will open!

At what point did your social media start gaining traction?

It started with the man-hating I think. (laughs) A lot of girls really resonated with that and this was a time in my life where my heart was completely closed after emotional trauma and that’s how I liked it. I wanted to defend my heart and focus on me until it was time to let someone in. I brought a bit of humour to it all as well because we can’t take our life too seriously. We must laugh and play around.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best.

What advice would you give to someone determined to live a more positive life starting from today?

If you want a better mind, start feeding it with information from YouTube videos and books. Begin typing into YouTube ‘Motivational speech’ and start your journey there.

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about you?

I’m pretty much an open book. There is nothing off the table, I’ll talk about anything and everything. I would love people to see the goodness in my soul.

You have amazing skin, what’s your beauty routine?

People always ask about my skin but I feel the secret to good skin is SPF in your moisturiser and loads and loads of water and Vitamin C is probably my go-to for my skin. 

Have you always been in great shape?

Not always. I’ve gone through stages where I’ve struggled with my weight and now I’ve realised that it’s one of my top values to always be in shape. So I make sure that I always go to the gym. Otherwise, I’ll just feel guilty. Obviously, as humans, we don’t want to feel guilty, so I just go to the gym and get it done. Sometimes I go up and down and on holidays I’ll enjoy myself but I know that other than that I’ll be ok.

Financial constraints related to university fees is something you’ve talked passionately about before. Can you tell us what it is about this that bothers you?

The reason why university fees annoy me is that I was asked to choose my path in life at 17 years old. I wasn’t aware of how much money I would spend on my career. Otherwise, I would have taken more time when choosing what I wanted to do. I always feel like people aren’t going to find their true selves until they go out into the world and gain some life experience. If you definitely know then that’s fine but I didn’t know so I just chose whatever was easiest and I wish I’d been more aware of the consequences of having a student loan afterwards. 

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three products would you need to have with you?

I don’t think I’d bring beauty products or things like that. I’d bring books and I would also bring my Apple Watch and my teddy. For sure my teddy.

What made you decide to go vegetarian?

I’m not fully vegetarian, I wouldn’t label myself as a vegetarian. I just try to eat less meat. I feel like my body has just started rejecting it and I feel I can get to a higher spiritual level when I’m not eating meat. If I knew what was going into it, I probably would be ok. It’s just knowing that people are putting stuff into products and I’m just very confused about what it is. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years time, I see myself as an author. I see myself in a sunny place in terms of where I’m living. I don’t know where that is yet but I know that it’s sunny. I see myself having a successful business currently called Brave. It’s all about connecting people and brave women, bringing them together to do retreats, travel solo and make friends. That’s where I want to be in 10 years time.

“If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best.”

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Photography: Glenn Norwood

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