How To Avoid Burnout

We’re a generation that wants it all; the perfect family, a buzzing social life and a thriving career.

But with research showing that twice as many females nowadays are at risk of burnout compared to 1990 are we pushing ourselves too hard?

Burnout is now such a significant workplace issue that it is a legitimate medical diagnosis, recently added to the International Classification of Diseases, or the ICD-11, the World Health Organisation’s handbook that guides medical providers in analysing conditions. 

Businesswoman, transformational coach and author of the best-selling book Flourish, Bianca Best believe that ‘having it all’ without burnout is a modern myth.

“Amazing women aren’t burning brightly. They’re burning out – and burning out young,” she said. “Women are working hard, playing hard and sadly losing respect for themselves and their natural rhythms. In all of this drive to succeed and achieve, we’re also losing our sense of belonging and community.”

“Many times, I’ve cracked in the wake of frenzied productivity and become useless. I’ve lost weeks of my life, bedridden with immune collapse. I’ve lost time, comatose with exhaustion. I’ve even lost my hair.”

Four years ago, the mother of four broke the cycle, discovering a way to achieve a non-conformist, personal and fresh version of success, finding a life that blends work, family, passions, friends, health, fitness and spirituality into a harmonious whole. She banished her burnouts.

Bianca believes there are six core areas that high-attaining women need to pay attention to if they want to honour the ‘productivity balance system’. It covers sleep, diet, fake energy, relaxation, extreme productivity and emotional stress.

“Extreme productivity is an all-too-common energy crime committed by modern women every day”, says the transformational coach. “It’s something we high-achieving women are proud to have burnt into our psyches. We almost don’t notice that we’re extreme. We consider it part of life’s plan.

“All too often we trip head-long into frantic productivity through social conditioning born of competitiveness and goal obsession, with abominable disregard for other areas of our lives. It’s also a way of hiding from emotional stress.”

Bianca Best

Top Hacks to Help Create Productivity Balance

The anti-burnout coach’s advice includes the following advice to redefine success plus create more time, energy, impact and happiness.


• Create a sanctuary in your bedroom.

• Beware of blue light from screens.

• Soak in an aromatherapy bath.

• Eat no food after 8:00 PM.

• Read.

• Enjoy silence.

• Allow time for reflection.


• Create space for yourself.

• Practice mindfulness.

• Keep a journal.

• Master the act of listening.

• Gain different perspectives.

• ‘Flip’ your limiting beliefs.

• Identify your values.

• Trust your intuition.


• Stop, retreat and renew.

• Respect the necessity of taking a break.

• Be kind.

• Learn – lessons are everywhere, whether they’re presented as such or not.

• Follow your passion through work.

• Care about others.

• Have inspiring relationships.

• Try journaling for reflection and making wishes.

• Feed your soul by capturing thoughts and photos that fill you with joy.

• Make your home a haven.

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