How To Combat Tired Eyes During Party Season

We’re right on the cusp of party season (if it hasn’t all kicked off for you already) and the internet is awash with the latest beauty tips, shopping guides and styling tricks to ensure you’re stepping out feeling your best self in your glad rags for every festive occasion in the coming weeks. One element we seem to have forgotten about (or willingly ignored) is that in between all of the partying, the show must go on with our day to day lives. So while we’re all for the glitz and glam associated with party season – trust us, we’ll be bringing plenty your way ASAP – there’s also an element of glam we must employ in order to hide those tired eyes in between events. After all, your skin and eyes are the first to show signs of tiredness, with as little as two hours less sleep leaving noticeable difference in your appearance. 

Here we’ve gathered up the best tricks for banishing tired eyes, leaving eyes looking bigger and brighter than ever. 

Rise and shine for the under eyes

Wake up tired eyes ahead of any makeup application by gently massaging the under eye area. Softly place your ring fingers on the corner of your eyes nearest your nose and gently rotate along the eyeline. For the best results, combine this technique with the application of your eye cream. 

For a more bracing approach to the wake up call try favourite trick of model Kate Moss and remove any puffiness around eyes by submerging your face into ice cubes and cucumber.

Another well known trick employed by M.A.C makeup artists is to dab cold eye drops around the area for an effect that instantly brightens. 

The art of the concealer camouflage

Starting with concealer on the makeup front, opt for a product with illuminating qualities and is a shade lighter than your foundation. Apply the powerhouse concealer of choice in an upside-down triangular shape, sweeping the product up towards the peak of the cheekbone. This method of application draws the focus of the face upwards, giving the illusion of an instant face lift.

Neutralise waterline definition

When eyes are looking tired you might want to rethink your signature cat eye look. Instead choose a neutral shade of eyeliner to brighten the waterline and open eyes up. White can come across as too harsh when applied to the waterline so it’s best to try a nude liner like the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner for the most effective results in combatting tired eyes. 

A little highlight goes a long way 

We all know the tricks of the trade in applying highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to wake them up to the world (a touch of iridescent highlighter near your tear ducts and along the arch of your brow should do the trick). This (post) party season take the highlight one step further and try sweeping lighter eyeshadows (think pinks and nudes) with a hint of shimmer across eyelids to brighten eyes further.

Luscious lashes

Lash curlers and a good lengthening mascara are a girl’s best friend when rescuing tired eyes. A bigger, more defined curl in your eyelashes will make eyes appear larger. To achieve said defined curl, blast heat from your hairdryer on to the eyelash curlers for a few seconds before use. 

Stay hydrated 

Hydration is and always will be key when it comes to the best beauty secrets. This time is no different. While less of a quick fix than those of tactical makeup application, it’s a top tip that should be adopted as a general rule of thumb in life. When your body is dehydrated (especially in the aftermath of alcohol consumption) the body responds by retaining as much water as it can which in this case results in puffiness around the eyes as well as darkening any under eye circles. Drinking plenty of water, particularly during party season will work wonders for your skin and eyes.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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