How To Discover And Connect To Your Aura

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  1. The distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.
  2. In spiritualism and some forms of alternative medicine:  a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual.

Most of us pass through life unaware of our aura, or may have a brief interaction via a clairvoyant or medium who informs us what colour our aura is radiating… Or perhaps you are sceptical, in which case you’ve probably never given it a second thought. For those who are intrigued, the aura is an invisible, electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body. Energy healers believe that that the aura serves a great purpose and that its role is to gather information from the surrounding environment and in doing so, protect us from potential danger. If you are a believer, it is important to tune in to your aura (just like any other part of our being) and connect to its function and wellbeing.

The crucial elements of ones aura are its size, colour and its output – the energy and messages it reflects.

Think of your aura as your own personal bubble that extends right around you: above you, beneath you, in front of you and behind you. Whether you are aware of it or not, it is your first point of contact with the world and people in your world. When people talk of someone “having a good energy” it is the aura they are referring to and responding to. Aura size can vary widely – for some individuals their aura hugs the body tightly and hovers just centimetres out from the skin. For most of us, it tends to expand to about two to three feet from the body. For some, their auras extend outwards almost filling a room.

Take a moment to close your eyes and see if you can connect to the reach of your aura. Can you see or feel your bubble of colour? For many people it is a quiet sense rather than a visual awareness. Be gentle with your discovery (or lack of it) and trust whatever it is you’re sensing. If you feel doubt, test your awareness of sense by imagining expanding and contracting it a few times. Push it out far away from you and pull it back in tight to your skin. As you settle into this feeling, ask yourself what size feels familiar and peaceful for you – where does your aura bubble settle? The size that feels the most comfortable is likely the size it tends to be. Open your eyes, how did this feel? Some of us may enjoy the feeling of the aura expanding over a wide space, while for others, this may feel overwhelming. Conversely, a contracted tight aura may create a sense of safety for some, while it may make others feel anxious and claustrophobic.

Expanded Auras
Have you ever noticed how some people have such a captivating presence? They enter a room, and everyone will look up. They may not even speak but others still take notice, subconsciously acknowledging their presence. That is the impact of an extended aura. These individuals are taking up space, not physical space, with their bodies or any tangible entity such as voice, but with their aura.

When your aura reaches out across an entire room, you can feel connected to everyone in the space, and they in turn, can feel connected to you. This can feel both powerful and intimate at the same time. For some highly sensitive or in-tune individuals, this sponge-like effect can leave you absorbing all energies in a space. This can have a negative impact when you may mistake other’s unease or worries as your own, or begin to create a dependency on this surrounding external validation. If your understanding of yourself is created through other people’s feedback, then it is important to know when to attempt to contract your aura for self-preservation. Those with expanded auras can often cultivate a self-awareness, which allows them to be mindful before opening up to being energetically interactive with the surrounding environment.

Contracted Auras
On the other side of the coin lies contracted auras. In short, people with contracted auras aren’t quite as memorable. You may have an in-depth interaction with them, but they leave no mark on your memory and you may not remember this encounter at your next meeting. This denotes a tight aura. Not necessarily a negative, this type of anonymity is comforting for many people. However it can also create struggles when trying to engage in a shared common experience. With a contracted aura, you may be elated and fully in the throws of a celebratory moment, however the impact of your energy and output may be minimal, perhaps leaving you feeling invalidated and misunderstood – your feeling and message muted to the world around you.

A contracted aura can come in useful at times, if you desire some quiet time, are feeling overwhelmed or wish to be left alone, draw in your aura. It’s like building a private bubble around you, creating an incognito mode.

Neither an expanded aura or contracted aura in size is ‘good or bad’, they both have their place in regards to intention and preference.

Seeing auras and their colours is a learned skill and can be developed with continued practice. Initially, you can learn how to see your own aura. At the beginning, you will only be able to see the lower layers but, with time, you may develop the ability to see the higher levels of colour as well.

The aura is your first point of contact with the outside world, so it is crucial to build a self-awareness of this first impression. For example, you may be desiring new relationships, but people are picking up on your aura and in turn they feel unwelcome. With time and engagement you can set your aura to your desired filter so you can be in control of this first impression you put out to the world. For example, if you wish to meet more people and make more friendships, set your aura to “I am loved and am a great friend”. If you want to command more respect from people in your life, set your intention to “I deserve and command respect”. If you are feeling shy and withdrawn, set your aura to “I am confident and love myself”. If you are consumed with self-doubt and others judgement, set your aura to “It is safe to be me, regardless of my audience”. Each day consider your aura filter and create a specific affirmation to reinforce it, repeat this affirmation inwardly to project it outwardly.

With time and awareness, learn to trust yourself and trust the process of working with your aura, instead of against it. Question and acknowledge how you feel in your own aura and take note of how others respond to you. This knowledge becomes power that can have true effect on how you perceive yourself in the world and how others see you in it.



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