How To Live A Life Of Luxury On A Budget This Summer

There’s something about the summer that has us racking up expenses left, right and centre. You’ve got holidays to consider, wedding season is in full swing, bottomless brunches and last minute barbecues are how we spend our weekends and so help us if one more floral maxi dress lands in the window of our favourite high street stores.

The sun is shining, the birds singing and everyone’s mood has been totally elevated. Spending money suddenly doesn’t seem so stressful until you check in with your bank account by accident and wish you’d never set eyes on the figure you’re met with. Talk about mood-killer…

This summer, let’s make that money stress a thing of the past. Let’s brush up on our saving tricks and master the art of living a life of luxury while on a budget.

Ready to get started? Give these tips a go.

Embrace the outdoors

Let’s start with the most obvious of options available to us – making the most of nature around us. Not only is getting outdoors more an opportunity to save money, but it’s also a chance to get some much-needed headspace and reduce screen time as we’re so frequently told we need to do.

For most of us, our local towns and cities really come alive in the summertime without outdoor installations, fairs and even rooftop cinemas. Many of these events are free too so all you’ve got to do is gather up your friends and family and prepare for a day of frugal fun.

Cancel your gym membership

Ok, time to get honest with yourself. Have you really been using that membership in the same way you’ve been paying to do so? Cancelling gym memberships always feels very final, almost like a defeat in pursuit of your summer bod (though this isn’t an idea we prescribe to – a conversation to be explored another day) and if you’re still getting use out of that membership, by all means, keep it around but otherwise, save those dollars and put it on hold for a few months. If you’re heading away for a few weeks or don’t want to commit to a full-scale cancellation, many gyms offer the option to freeze your membership for a few months at a reduced rate.

The cancellation game doesn’t just apply to gym memberships, take stock of those subscriptions you’re still paying for but not using. It may only be a few extra quid but that could be all the difference in making your dream holiday a reality.

Travel on a budget

Anytime school is out, flight prices soar but all it takes is some careful consideration and a few sneaky hacks and you’ve got yourself a family holiday that won’t break the bank. Instinct tells us to book holidays as early as possible to avoid outrageous prices but it works both ways. If you can afford to be flexible with your dates, keep an eye out for last minute deals and check out Air BnB offerings before pricing hotel options. Plus, you can set price alerts for your ideal destinations that will send you a notification when airfare prices drop.

Nail your savings techniques

You might think you need to have been saving for months in order to afford a summer of fun in the sun but it’s likely that once you’ve paid off your holiday, you’ll only need a little pocket money to fund activities. Start a savings account for your fun fund, putting away a tiny amount each week, even if it’s just spare change. All those pennies add up and cover your bases for a summer spending spree or an afternoon trying the newest rooftop bar.

Also, like most things in the twenty-first century, there’s an app for that. Many an online banking and saving service has been brought to market in the last 18 months but our current favourite is Chip, an AI-powered money app that calculates your savings and transfers to a virtual piggy bank automatically.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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