How To Optimise Your Skin This Winter

Skin starting to feel a little tighter, less dewy and more dehydrated? It’s a sure sign that the seasons are changing. Thankfully Cosmetic Dentist & Aesthetic Practitioner, Dr Edel Woods – the founder of ORA Clinic Dublin and co-founder of YUVÄ – is here with some tips to keep your skin healthy throughout the winter months. 

  1. You still need to apply SPF! Just because it’s winter and sunshine is a distant memory doesn’t mean you should put your sunscreen to the back of the drawer. The UVA rays responsible for ageing skin can penetrate even the thickest cloud cover. If you want to slow collagen breakdown and the formation of visible fine lines  then make sunscreen part of your year-round beauty routine. My top choices: Skinceuticals Brightening UV Defence or Cerave hydrating sunscreen. 
  1. Winter brings with it its own opportunities. The reduced chance of having sun exposure pre/post treatments makes this the optimal time to consider boosting your homecare with in-clinic peels. We fondly refer to this time of year as ‘peel season’ and it is a great time to tackle stubborn skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne or dull skin. 
  1. Gentle exfoliation is key to getting a winter glow. There is a fine balance between over and under exfoliating and taking professional advice on the right exfoliant for your skin is a good idea. Exfoliation helps to shed the superficial dead skin that can give a dull or flaky appearance to the skin. Typically, I favour chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid or lactic acid over gritty physical exfoliants.  Generally speaking, use of an exfoliant once per week is recommended for a brighter complexion. Correct use of exfoliants will also allow better penetration of your other home care products but  remember don’t over do it! Our top choice: Skinceuticals Glycolic 10 Renewal or AlumierMD AHA Renewal for sensitive skin.
  1. We all love to jump into a hot shower on a cold winter mornings but try to resist the urge to increase the water temperature too much. Hot water can wreck havoc with the skins natural oils and barrier function leading to skin feeling drier and more irritated. 
  1. Increase skin hydration by switching to a cream based moisturiser such as Obagi Hydrate. Layer over your favourite hyaluronic acid serum for added hydration. Looking to boost your skin hydration and glow even further this winter? Consider a course of Profhilo treatments. This injectable skin booster is designed to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. It also stimulates collagen to gradually diminish fine lines. It’s without a doubt our winter hero treatment and a secret weapon in looking your best year round. 
  1. Consider investing in a humidifier. By infusing the air with moisture, humidifiers can minimise skin dehydration.
  1. The link between diet and skin remains uncertain but there is good evidence to suggest that a diet rich in Omega 3,6,9 can have positive skin benefits. Omegas help to maintain a healthy a cell membrane which allows cells to retain more water leading to increased radiance and hydration.
Dr Edel is co-founder of YUVÄ, an online platform for skin health & aesthetic consultations. Both Dr Edel and co-founder Dr Clodagh O Shea are available for virtual skin consultations which can be booked online via 

Looking to arrange an in person appointment with Dr Edel? Dr Edel is founder of ORA clinic in Dublin and appointments can be made via or by email  Dr Edel also works with Beacon Face & Dermatology in Cork. Cork appointments can be made by contacting Beacon Face & Dermatology 

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