How to Survive The Inevitable Christmas Day Food Coma

“I’m still carrying a little holiday weight…”

Never has a Friends quote been more applicable for the entirety of December right through until – let’s be real – mid-February, with approximately 85% of said holiday weight coming from Christmas Day alone.

There’s the Buck’s Fizz while opening presents, the full fry (with all of the trimmings), the box of Quality Street consumed somewhere between breakfast and midday and all the various festive appetisers thrown in the mix. All of this before lunch is even served. From the moment you wake up on Christmas Day to the moment you fall back to sleep (probably on the sofa surrounded by After Eight wrappers) the majority of your day revolves around eating. 

For some, Christmas dinner is their favourite meal of the whole year and – to refer back to Friends – like Joey’s famous Thanksgiving pants, they come prepared. Some lavish in the consequential food coma, knowing it’s a sign of a really good meal. Others spend the following few days sick as a dog, regretting the feast they’ve consumed. 

We’re not here to add to the parade of Christmas calorie counting plastered all over the media. No, no, no. While we obviously encourage living a healthy lifestyle, Christmas is for relaxing, spending time with friends and family, taking a break from our otherwise hectic lives and binge watching Christmas movies with a box of celebrations in your hand, for goodness sake. 

Personal trainer and best selling author of Beat Your Bloat, Maeve Madden, weighed in on the fear of the Christmas binge on her Instagram. Following countless stressed Direct Messages on Instagram from her followers regarding how to survive Christmas on a calorie deficit, the London based Irish influencer reminded us, “At Christmas I strongly believe any mention of weight/calories should be off limits. On average, you will celebrate Christmas 84 times…on average you will live 30660 days”

“On average, you will celebrate Christmas 84 times…on average you will live 30660 days”

Instagram / @maeve_madden

All in all, the Christmas food coma is inevitable so by all means, enjoy your food but when the fullness gets too much, give these tips a try.

  • Head out on a brisk walk or get involved in a family game of football outside. The fresh air will help shake off any lethargy while the movement assists the digestive process.
  • Skip that final cosy cup of tea and trade it in for a peppermint tea instead. The methanol in peppermint tea helps relax the muscles around the digestive system, making it easier for food to move through.
  • Increase your water intake throughout the day to also aid the digestion of your food. As usual, hydration is key. 

So go forth, eat and be merry and have a very happy Christmas!

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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