How To Update Your Interiors And Spark Joy All Summer Long

Throughout winter we’re all about cosy living rooms, warm kitchens and a roaring fire in every room possible. By the time summer comes around, we’re ready to shake off the shackles of a cold winter’s night and lighten our lives up in any way we can. Duvets and blankets are swapped out for lightweight linen, patio doors are constantly flung open to let fresh air in and the good casserole dishes and fancy crockery are switched for eating al fresco beneath an outdoor heater.

If like us you’re ready to welcome summer into your home, give these expert-approved interior tips a go to prepare your home for a summer of joy and laughter.

It’s all about the material

Let’s start with linen, a material known for being a timeless classic. Not only is it a luxurious yet low-maintenance material but for the eco-warriors among us, it also boasts impressive eco-friendly credentials. Linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant, a renewable source that is fully biodegradable. It works best used as bed linen, napkins, towels or as part of a laid back table setting.

Live boldly

We’re not suggesting you do a total paint overhaul of your home but why not consider experimenting with colour in secondary rooms such as bathrooms or utility rooms? As these are rooms used less frequently, you have more freedom to try bolder colour palettes you may not feel as confident using elsewhere in your home.

Raw and unfinished

As the other end of the summer interiors trends is going for the minimalist approach, opting for a raw and unfinished look with classic pieces to reflect the laidback nature associated with summer. Shutters prove to be a great investment for summer interiors as they stand the test of time throughout both summer and winter as opposed to more disposable, trend-led pieces.

Embrace nature indoors

Harness the power of plants and everything they represent such as growth, vitality and renewal. From an aesthetical point of view, plants bring colour, height, a little drama and literal life to a room. Create an atmosphere of tranquillity and relaxation by incorporating as many indoor plants as you see fit within your home.

First-time plant parent? Check out our guide to plant care here.

As for flowers, in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint, take the summer to introduce decor trends such as dried flowers. Preserved flowers obviously last much longer than those that are freshly cut which only last a few days before being ditched into the compost bin. All it takes is placing a bunch of flowers such as hydrangeas into an empty vase and within a few days they’ll have dried out beautifully. It seems counterintuitive but trust us, it’s arty.

Let the light in

Now that more sunshine is on the horizon, maximise the natural light entering your home as a way to instantly refresh your space. Hacks to do include making the most of reflective surfaces such as mirrors which help natural light to bounce around the room, creating a sun-soaked, open atmosphere.

Niamh Crawford-Walker

Niamh is a full time fashion and features writer at The Style Edit. Her work has previously appeared in IMAGE magazine, and Emirates Woman.

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