Interview with Irish Lifestyle Blogger Niamh O’Sullivan

Niamh O’Sullivan has taken over the Irish blogging scene with her genuine and eye catching lifestyle content. Her feed is full of delicious quick food recipes, informative ethical fashion pieces, some heavenly holiday guides, her adorable dogs and stylish outfits that make followers like me want to buy all of ASOS. Niamh’s blogging journey kicked off right before she moved to New York City three years ago where she documented her life abroad there while working there in a social media management role before returning to Ireland.

What first inspired you to start blogging?

For me it was a way to show off my web development and design skills and set myself apart when job hunting in NYC. From then, I started to populate the website with content (mainly recipes and NYC updates) and the rest is history! 

What has been your biggest blogging milestone so far?

My biggest milestone was being brought on my first press trip this year. I never thought that it would happen and it was crazy to be brought back to New York with Fujifilm. I still can’t believe it happened to be honest! 

Do you have a favourite brand that you’ve collaborated with? 

Chanel Beauty was a major brand that felt so surreal to work with. 

What do you think makes blogging in Ireland different compared to when you were blogging in NYC?

The smaller market in Ireland makes it very different and a lot more competitive. In New York, everything is done on a bigger and global scale. In New York I was working on the brand side of things, so I learned a huge amount about how everything works on that side, and I really feel as though that’s stood to me. 

Who are your favourite influencers and why?

I admire so many people in Ireland and abroad. I love to keep up with Lydia Millen, Emma Hill & In the Frow who are all UK based. Their work ethic and the quality of content that they produce is what I hope to achieve some day. 

Any tips or advice for bloggers just starting out?

Consistency is key. 

Find your own tone of voice. 

Form opinions on the things that matter in life, and stand by them. 

Acknowledge what your audience enjoys and try to create more of that content, with your personal spin.

Remember why you started.

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