Irish Makeup Artist Keilidh Cashell On Her New Beauty Brand And Why Makeup Should Be Fun

Irish beauty influencer and makeup artist Keilidh Cashell recently launched her very own brand, Kash Beauty. 

Its first launch, The Secret Treasure Collection, consists of a nine pan eyeshadow palette, three nude lip kits and three pairs of faux mink lashes and perfectly incapsulates the makeup aficionado’s unique, quirky style.

Since exploding onto the Irish beauty scene in 2015 Keilidh’s career has continued to skyrocket with highlights including winning Best Beauty Influencer at the 2018 Xposé Benefit Awards and Best Beauty Influencer at the 2018 Image Magazine Business of Beauty Awards and most recently the face of a global campaign with Morphe Cosmetics for their Hit The Lights Artistry Palette in 2019, which saw Keilidh appear on billboards across the US.

Keilidh has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest influencers including Manny MUA and James Charles and with big plans for the future it seems she is only just getting started.

The beauty maestro spoke to The Style Edit about staying creative during lockdown, the importance of keeping it real and why she believes makeup is something to express yourself with, rather than to hide behind. 

Congratulations on your new makeup collection! How does it feel to have your own brand out there?

Thank you! The collection was in the planning process for well over a year and we had to keep it secret for so long that it’s almost a bit weird now that it’s out there and I’m seeing people with it! I’m totally thrilled though and can’t wait to see how people use it and hear their reactions.

What inspired it?

I’ve done collaborations with other brands before, using different types of colours but for my first collection under my own brand I wanted to make sure there was something for everybody. The colours needed to be very wearable and shades that people wouldn’t be afraid of. 

I have a glam, grungy makeup style and I wanted to make sure that was portrayed through the collection too. They’re 100% the tones that I would normally use myself. The eye shadow palette is super, super wearable and easy to use and the tones will look gorgeous on absolutely everybody. There are also three nude lipsticks because, let’s face it, you can never have too many nude lipsticks! Then the three pack of eyelashes to take you from daytime to nighttime. 

How difficult was it to create?

There was a lot of back and forth not only to get the colours exactly right but also with the pigmentation and making sure they swatched and wore exactly the way I wanted. It’s very exciting being able to create products that you’re absolutely obsessed with and are exactly the way you want them. The way I see it is that the people who support me are spending their hard earned money so I wanted to make sure I was giving them products that I could 100% stand behind.


“What I love about makeup is that it’s creative and it’s fun; it’s not just something to hide behind.”

Covid has stopped us all in our tracks this year, how has your business adapted?

I was very lucky that I had this to focus on the whole time so that keep me busy. I was also running a few online makeup courses during lockdown and people were loving them. My thinking was well ‘we’re all going to be sitting inside anyway so you may as well sit inside and learn how to do your makeup properly or learn a few tricks and tips’. I felt like it was the perfect time for people, myself included, to sit down and do the things we’ve always said we wanted to do but because of life getting in the way and lack of time we’ve put off. Covid forced everyone to slow down and focus a bit more. 

It seems we’ve all become a lot more focused on self-care and wellbeing in recent times, how do you think beauty and makeup fits into that?

Makeup is such a confidence booster. I know girls who won’t be leaving the house but they’ll go and put their makeup on because it makes them feel better. And that’s what makeup should do, it should make you feel empowered and more confident in yourself. 

Makeup is also meant to be lighthearted and fun. It should be for playing around with rather than stressing about how you look.


What was it like working with Morphe? 

When I got the email from Morphe I thought it was a joke. They were always the answer when I was asked what brand I would like to work with. It was an incredible opportunity and was what really lit the fire in me to create my own brand. There’s no better feeling than creating a product people are obsessed with. 

You’ve worked with some other incredible brands too, is there anyone else left on your wishlist?

I’d never say never to working with anyone but at the minute I feel like it’s important to focus on my own brand.

“I’m very conscious about coming on my social media with absolutely no make up on and no filters. Bare faced is just as beautiful as wearing a full face of makeup sometimes.”

How has social media helped your brand?

Social media has taken over the world and it’s amazing that you’re able to connect with people you’d never otherwise have connected with. I know it has its downsides but in my eyes it’s an incredible forum and the positives completely outweigh the negatives.

We’re seeing more and more beauty influencers and new brands coming on to the scene, how do you feel about the competition?

I love that there are so many new Irish brands popping up and I think it’s really important to support home-grown businesses. The more makeup the better!


Some of the looks on your instagram are amazing and very different from what we’re used to seeing from the majority of beauty influencers, how important is it to you to maintain that creativity?

What I love about makeup is that it’s creative and it’s fun; it’s not just something to hide behind. It’s something that you wipe off at the end of the day so why not play around with it and experiment with it? It’s a way of expressing yourself. The message I want to get across on my social media is that it’s not about creating a mask – yes people might use makeup to cover up areas they’re not happy with or hide a spot – but underneath that we’re still the same person. I’m very conscious about coming on my social media with absolutely no make up on and no filters. Bare faced is just as beautiful as wearing a full face of makeup sometimes. 

And finally, what can we expect next from Kash Beauty?

This is the only the start of it. To have the opportunity to turn the ideas in my head into a reality is very, very exciting – watch this space!

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